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What station is Danny Bonaduce on in Seattle?

What station is Danny Bonaduce on in Seattle?

102.5 KZOK
33.8K Favorites. Description: 102.5 KZOK is Seattle’s classic rock station and is the home of the Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Morning Show.

What station is Kzok?

102.5 KZOK – Seattle’s Classic Rock Station.

How do I contact Danny Bonaduce?


  1. Studio Line: 800-252-1025.
  2. Business Line: 206-494-2000.
  3. Advertise With Us: 1-844-BUY-RADIO.

How long has Kzok been around?


Owner iHeartMedia (iHM Licenses, LLC)
First air date December 1964 (as KTW-FM)

Where is Danny Bonaduce now?

Danny Bonaduce is currently a DJ at KZOK, a classic rock radio station in Seattle. Bonaduce’s showbiz career kicked into high gear when he landed the role of Danny on the Partridge Family which aired on ABC for four seasons.

Where is Paul on KZOK?

Maple Valley, Washington
Paul From The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show on KZOK is in Maple Valley, Washington.

What has happened to Danny Bonaduce?

Since then, Bonaduce has starred in several other TV series, including the VH1 reality show Breaking Bonaduce in 2005, radio shows in Los Angeles and Philadelphia and has been hosting a morning talk/music show at Seattle radio station KZOK-FM since November 14, 2011.

What radio station is Jimmy Kimmel on Seattle?

In 1989, Kimmel landed his first paying job alongside Voss as morning drive co-host of The Me and Him Show at KZOK-FM in Seattle, Washington.

Is Danny Balducci still alive?

Dante Daniel Bonaduce (born August 13, 1959) is an American actor, comedian, radio personality, television personality, and professional wrestler….

Danny Bonaduce
Years active 1969–present
Known for The Partridge Family

Did Paul from KZOK have a stroke?

A year ago today I was driven by ambulance to Swedish-Cherry Hill. I was unable to coherently speak or communicate, (apparently) I had a stroke.