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What is Fort Lupton known for?

What is Fort Lupton known for?

Visit the Fort Lupton City Museum, founded in 1950 when a local history buff donated a collection of arrowheads labeled and ready for display. The South Platte Valley Historic Park has a visitor center and historical structures from the area’s early settlement, including a trade fort, trapper cabin and schoolhouse.

How old is Fort Lupton Colorado?

Fort Lupton was incorporated in 1889. Major north / south Highway 85 and east / west Highway 52 intersect in Fort Lupton. Scenic South Platte River flows through the west side of town. Fort Lupton is located almost mid-way between Denver and Greeley, 25 miles.

When was Fort Lupton Colorado founded?

Established in 1836, the City of Fort Lupton is a small town straddling the front range and plains in Northern Colorado. The Statutory City is located north of Brighton on U.S. Route 85. Situated at 4,908 feet in Weld County, the town had a population of 7,377 in 2010.

How did Fort Lupton get its name?

History. The city was named for Lieutenant Lancaster Lupton, who built a trading post on Adobe Creek in 1838. It is a historical park about early area settlement.

Is Fort Collins a military base?

Fort Collins was founded as a military outpost of the United States Army in 1864. It succeeded a previous encampment, known as Camp Collins, on the Cache la Poudre River, near what is known today as Laporte.

Is Fort Lupton growing?

Fort Lupton, Colorado is growing somewhat quickly; it is growing faster than 66% of similarly sized cities since 2000.

What district is Fort Lupton High School?

Weld Re-8 School District
Fort Lupton High School Home Mission Statement: Weld Re-8 School District will provide engaging opportunities and pathways in preparation for every student’s successful future in a welcome, safe and secure environment.

What is the zip code for Fort Lupton Colorado?

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Is Fort Collins or Colorado Springs better?

Fort Collins has more of a small town, rural feel. Colorado Springs is more of a city, with a zoo and major tourist attractions such as Pikes Peak, the Airforce Academy, Garden of the Gods, etc.

Is Fort Lupton a nice place to live?

it’s a great place for kids and teens to run around with no trouble, great schools, as well good stores. Fort Lupton could be a good, small town if effort was put in. The town lacks cleanliness, and good schooling and other that fast food there is only one “okay” restaurant.

Who is the president of the Weld Re 8 school board?

Susan Browne
Board of Education

DISTRICT A Election Term(s) 02/2021-Appointed 2021-2023 Director, Jaime Sierra [email protected]
DISTRICT E Election Term(s): 2019-2023 2015-2019 President, Susan Browne [email protected]
DISTRICT F Election Term(s): 2017-2021 2021-2025 Secretary, Michelle Bettger [email protected]