What does Shane mean in German?

What does Shane mean in German?

Well, my German-speaking grandfather pronounced it “Danke schön,” which means something like “Thank you kindly.” “Schön” is spelled “schoen” when you can’t use an umlaut, and literally means “lovely” or “pretty,” according to my German-English dictionary. And it is pronounced “shane” or “shern.”

Is Shane German?

Shane is also a popular surname with the prefix “Mac”, “Mc”, or “O'”, to form Anglicized Irish surname patronyms. The surname was first recorded in Petty’s census of Ireland (1659), which lists a Dermot McShane (i.e., Son of Shane)….Shane (name)

Meaning ‘graced by God’
Region of origin Ireland
Other names

How common is the name Shane?

Shane Name Popularity

Year Rank # Births
1993 84 4,436
1994 92 4,084
1995 102 3,630
1996 112 3,484

Is Danke Schoen German or Dutch?

Linguistic details In German, the phrase Danke schön is equivalent to the English expressions ‘thank you very much’ or ‘thank you kindly’.

Is Shane a Irish name?

Northern Irish: shortened form of McShane, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Seáin ‘son of John’. Americanized spelling of Jewish Schein or Shain.

Who is the most famous Shane?

Shane Warne is the most famous person named Shane.

Who recorded Danke Schoen?

Wayne Newton
Danke Schoen/Artists
In 1962, singer Bobby Darin took Newton under his wing and helped him launch his solo career. Newton made it into the Top 20 with “Danke Schoen” the following year.

What is the Spanish name for Shane?

How to Pronounce Shane in Spanish (Maxico)? In English is would be Meshico. An audio pronunciation of name Shane in Spanish Mexico.