What is the definition of a stomp?

What is the definition of a stomp?

intransitive verb. 1 : to walk with a loud heavy step usually in anger stomped out of the office in a fit. 2 : stamp sense 2 stomped on the brakes.

Is stomp a noun or verb?

stomp (verb) stomping ground (noun)

How do you use the word Stomp?

Stomped sentence example. She stomped her foot. She stomped her feet like a child in a tantrum. The old man smiled as he stomped on the brake.

What kind of verb is stomped?

Kevin looked furious as he stomped into his office. He absolutely stomped that backflip….stomp ​Definitions and Synonyms.

present tense
present participle stomping
past tense stomped
past participle stomped

What does stomped mean in slang?

(slang) To severely beat someone physically or figuratively. verb.

What does stomping mean in politics?

A political stump speech is a standard speech used by a politician running for office. Typically a candidate who schedules many appearances prepares a short standardized stump speech that is repeated verbatim to each audience, before opening to questions.

What is opposite of stomp?

Opposite of to move heavily, scaping one’s feet in the process. breeze. coast. glide. slide.

Is it stamp or stomp?

Stomp began as an dialectical variant of stamp in American English and is now regarded as a standard synonym. However, usage suggest that “stomp” connotes more violence, intensity, or emotion than it counterpart.

What’s the difference between stomp and stamp?

As verbs the difference between stamp and stomp is that stamp is to step quickly and heavily, once or repeatedly while stomp is (ambitransitive) to trample heavily.

What does getting stomped mean?

get stomped definition, get stomped meaning | English dictionary. get wasted exp. get drunk or take drugs; get high. get serious with someone exp. get seriously involved in a relationship.

What does it mean to get stomped?

to walk with intentionally heavy steps, especially as a way of showing that you are annoyed: She stomped up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door. He woke up in a bad mood and stomped off to the bathroom. [ I or T ] US. (UK stamp)