What can I buy in Jim Corbett?

What can I buy in Jim Corbett?

Make sure you visit the Tiger camp and The Souvenir Shop before you leave. Here you can buy literature about the park and its conservational activities. You might also love to buy special bags, t-shirts, hats, toys, masks and key rings to remind you of the visit to Corbett or to gift.

How much does Jim Corbett cost?

For entry, the Jim Corbett National Park ticket price for Indians is Rs. 200, while for foreigners it is Rs. 1000 per person for 4 hrs.

Which FRH is best in Jim Corbett?

Sultan Forest Rest House is again one of best place for night stay inside corbett national park, typifies dense forest area and is located in one of best stretches in Dhikala Zone of Corbett Park.

What is the cost of jungle safari in Jim Corbett?

Jeep Safari Price & Safari Zones :

Price (Indian) INR 5000 / – Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons & 2 children (b/w – 5 to 12 years) are allowed in ONE Jeep)
Price (Foreigner) INR 10000 / Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons & 2 children (b/w – 5 to 12 years) are allowed in ONE Jeep )

What should we not do in Jim Corbett?

Don’ts In Corbett :

  • Do not carry any kind of firearms within the Tiger Reserve, it is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking and lighting any king of fire is strictly prohibited within the Tiger Reserve.
  • Driving after the sunset is strictly prohibited inside the reserve.
  • Cooking is not allowed inside the National Park.

Which zone is best in Jim Corbett for Tiger sighting?

Bijrani safari zone
According to Sightings Index by WildTrails, the best zones to visit for tiger sighting and safari tour in Jim Corbett National Park are the Bijrani safari zone, Dhikala Safari Zone and Dhela Safari Zone. The jeep safari tours are allowed in two shifts inside the Corbett tiger reserve in all of the tourism zones.

Which gate is best in Jim Corbett safari?

1. Dhangadi Gate ( Dhikala Zone) Dhangadi Gate is around 19 Kms from Ramnagar city. Dhangari gate is entry point for clients going to stay in any FRH in Dhikala Zone as well as clients going on cater safari.

Is Jim Corbett safari safe?

Yes, travelling to Jim Corbett is considered quite safe as the road conditions in Jim Corbett largely remain unaffected during the monsoons. So, it is pretty safe travelling to Ramnagar in a personal vehicle in the day as well as in the night. Once inside the national park, proper guidelines should be followed.