Where should I stay when cycling the South Downs Way?

Where should I stay when cycling the South Downs Way?

Accommodation on South Downs Way

  • 12 Christchurch Road 12 Christchurch Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9SR, Tel: 01962 854272.
  • 53a Parchment Street 53a Parchment Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8BA, Tel: 01962 849962.
  • Brick House, Cheriton Cheriton, Alresford SO24 0PR, UK, Tel: 01962771334.

What is the best part of the South Downs Way?

Best Views on The South Downs Way

  • Butser Hill, Hampshire. At 271 metres high, Butser Hill is guaranteed to give you spectacular views.
  • Ditchling Beacon, East Sussex.
  • Seven Sisters Country Park, East Sussex.
  • Black Down, West Sussex.

How long does it take to walk the South Downs Way?

9 days
How long does it take to complete the Trail? Most people take 8 or 9 days to walk the whole 100 miles (160km) at 12 – 15 miles (25km) a day. It’s worth considering if you are walking that the villages where accommodation is are at the foot of the hill so you’ll have to walk down in the evening and up in the morning.

Can you cycle the South Downs Way in a day?

It can be ridden on a mountain bike along its entire length running between Winchester, the Saxon capital of England, and the white cliffs of Eastbourne. With a total of 3,800 metres, or 12,600ft of ascent, it normally takes 2–4 days to ride, but can be done in a day if you are extremely fit and enjoy a challenge.

Can you cycle on the South Downs Way?

The 160km long South Downs Way is the only UK’s National Trail which is fully traversable by bike and there are many ways to enjoy it. You could ride along the ridge to reach Ditchling Beacon and enjoy the view or cycle along the Hampshire Hangers and single track mountain bike trails at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Where does the South Downs Way start and finish?

The undulating path begins in Winchester Hampshire, and passes Cheesefoot Head, the towns of Petersfield and Arundel, the villages of Storrington and Steyning, Devil’s Dyke viewpoint near Brighton, followed by Ditchling Beacon and miles of chalk downland across to Beachy Head, and ending in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Which direction do you walk South Downs?

Having said that, on balance we recommend walking from west to east, for two main reasons: The first one is that finishing the walk in Eastbourne via Beachy Head & the Seven Sisters along the spectacular coastal path makes for a fitting finale to the walk.