What are national awards in JROTC?

What are national awards in JROTC?

National Awards

  • Daedalian Medal Set (Each) Product ID: JDT-36-005_rowH13.
  • Heroism Medal Set Silver (Each)
  • JROTC Coin With Chain (Each)
  • JROTC Superior Cadet Medal Set (Each)
  • ROA Medal Set JROTC (Each)
  • ROTC Superior Cadet Medal (Each)
  • VFW Medal Bronze.
  • AF Sergeant Association Ribbons JROTC (Each)

What is the highest award in JROTC?

The ROTC Medal for Heroism
The ROTC Medal for Heroism is the highest United States Department of the Army medal awarded exclusively to Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets….

ROTC Medal for Heroism
Eligibility ROTC Cadets
Status Currently Awarded
ROTC Medal for Heroism Ribbon

How do you get JROTC medal of heroism?

The Medal of Heroism is awarded by the Department of the Army to any JROTC cadet who performs a heroic act that “must have involved the acceptance of danger” and sets the individual apart from fellow students.

What is the orienteering ribbon for?

Orienteering Ribbon: Is a ribbon awarded to team members for completing a unit-specific Orienteering program as part of unit curriculum. Criteria for this award will be published in the unit’s Cadet Guide.

How do you get medals in JROTC?

To be eligible for an award the candidate must: Be in the second year of a third year program or the third year of a four-year program. Be in good academic standing. Demonstrate a high degree of military bearing both in and out of the military uniform.

Where do medals go on JROTC?

Medals will be worn centered on the wearer’s left pocket and placed 1/8 inch below the to seam.

What is the American Legion Scholastic award?

American Legion Awards. These awards are provided annually to outstanding Cadets at each institution for general military excellence and scholastic excellence. (1) The award consists of: (a) Silver medal pendant with ribbon bar and ROTC crest or scholastic scroll for junior class winners enrolled in MS-III.