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Who won Calzaghe v Hopkins?

Who won Calzaghe v Hopkins?

In the end, judges Chuck Giampa (116-111) and Ted Gimza (115-112) scored the fight for Calzaghe, while judge Adalaide Byrd (114-113) scored the fight for Hopkins. HBO’s unofficial ringside judge Harold Lederman scored the bout 116-111 for Calzaghe. “It was a good fight.

What did Bernard Hopkins say about Joe Calzaghe?

During the buildup toward Hopkins fighting British boxer Joe Calzaghe in April 2008, Hopkins infamously uttered the statement that he would “never let a white boy beat me.

Who defeated Hopkins?

Joe Smith Jr.
Bernard Hopkins lost by TKO to Joe Smith Jr. after getting knocked out of the ring during a fight at the Forum on Dec. 17. The punches that Bernard Hopkins had ducked throughout his career and for a good portion of Saturday night finally did him in at age 51, closing his career in the veteran’s farewell bout.

Where does Calzaghe rank?

As of 2021, BoxRec ranks Calzaghe as the thirteenth greatest fighter of all time, pound for pound, as well as the greatest European boxer of all time.

What weight did Calzaghe fight at?

Super middleweight
Light heavyweight
Joe Calzaghe/Division

What fight did Joe Calzaghe break his hand?

Peter Manfredo
Joe Calzaghe has confirmed that he broke his hand during his victory over Peter Manfredo in Cardiff. The WBO super-middleweight champion has a history of hand problems and suffered another fracture against his American opponent at the Millennium Stadium en route to a third-round victory – the 20th defence of his title.

Did EUBA fight Calzaghe?

On October 11th, 1997 32 year old former world champion Chris Eubank met fellow countryman Joe Calzaghe, then 25 years old, in a truly epic encounter, not just for British boxing but for the world pugilistic scene in general.

What weight was Joe Kawasaki?

175 lbs
Joe Calzaghe/Weight

How good was Bernard Hopkins?

As for Hopkins, his post-40 career has consisted of seven wins, four losses, one draw and one no-contest—translating to winning 53 percent of his bouts during this era of his career. Not a bad percentage, especially considering the quality of the competition.