How do you remember extensor retinaculum?

How do you remember extensor retinaculum?

These compartments contain tendons of muscles that pass from forearm to hand. The number of tendons passinf thorugh the compartments (radial to ulnar) can be remembered using the mnemonic: 2-2-1-2-1-1.

How do you remember extensor muscles of the forearm?

Mnemonic: Do it yourself as shown in the picture! Hold your elbow with thumbs up and other 4 fingers curling behind the lateral epicondyle. Then go in the sequence of thumb (B-C), little finger (C-D), ring finger (D), middle finger (C) and index finger (A).

How do you remember the extrinsic muscles of the hand?

LOAF (mnemonic) All For One And One For All (mnemonic)…Mnemonics

  1. A: abductor pollicis brevis.
  2. F: flexor pollicis brevis.
  3. O: opponens pollicis.
  4. A: adductor pollicis.
  5. O: opponens digiti minimi.
  6. F: flexor digiti minimi.
  7. A: abductor digiti minimi.

Which muscles are bound by the extensor retinaculum?

The superior extensor retinaculum binds down the tendons of extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus, peroneus tertius, and tibialis anterior as they descend on the front of the tibia and fibula; under it are found also the anterior tibial vessels and deep peroneal nerve.

Where is flexor digitorum Superficialis?

Flexor Digitorum Superficialis along with other superficial muscles of volar compartment of forearm. It is the bulk of muscle located at the superficial volar/anterior aspect of the forearm.

Is bicep a flexor or extensor?

Contracting your biceps exhibits flexion, i.e. it brings your forearm closer to your upper arm and decreasing the angle between the two. So, your biceps is described as a “flexor” muscle. The opposing muscle of a flexor is called the “extensor” muscle. Your triceps is an extensor.

What is extensor Retinaculum?

The extensor retinaculum of the wrist is the broad ligamentous sheet located at the dorsal aspect of the wrist and functions to keep the extensor tendons in alignment and prevent bowstringing during movement.

Is retinaculum a ligament?

In anatomy|lang=en terms the difference between ligament and retinaculum. is that ligament is (anatomy) a band of strong tissue that connects bones to other bones while retinaculum is (anatomy) one of the annular ligaments which hold the tendons close to the bones at the larger joints, as at the wrist and ankle.

What is extensor retinaculum attached to?

The extensor retinaculum is attached laterally to the lateral margin of the radius. However, it is not attached to the ulna, as the distance between these two bones varies with supination and pronation of the forearm.

What are hand intrinsics?

The intrinsic group are the smaller muscles located within the hand itself. The muscles of the hand are innervated by the radial, median, and ulnar nerves from the brachial plexus.