Where can we use Sodexo gift card?

Where can we use Sodexo gift card?

Gift Voucher Outlets-Sodexo Bangalore

  • Royal Mart Supermarket. 4.0. 4526 Ratings. 1st Main Road Bagalagunte.
  • Loyal City Supermarket. 4.1. 4074 Ratings.
  • C. Pantaloons (Mantri Square Mall) 4.0.
  • M K Retail. 4.0. 2556 Ratings.
  • C. Itsy Bitsy. 4.1.
  • C. Pantaloons. 4.0.
  • Pizzeria. 3.8. 1595 Ratings.
  • Cafe Coffee Day. 3.8. 1332 Ratings.

Is Dmart accept Sodexo card?

We do not have eWallet / Sodexo / Meal coupons / Voucher payment option as of now.

Can I buy Sodexo?

All products that are eligible for Purchase using your Sodexo Meal card are clearly tagged with an identifier – “Sodexo Eligible” or “Eligible for Sodexo. Sodexo Meal card is applicable only on prepaid transactions.

Can I use Sodexo in Jollibee?

Jollibee. Reminders: Sodexo+ and Mobile Pass digital GCs are available for Jollibee delivery acceptance via #87000 nationwide, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

Is Sodexo accepted in Flipkart?

No, Sodexo gift passes are not available to use in Flipkart. There are various merchants listed as the affiliated networks of Sodexo passes in their website.

Can I convert Sodexo to cash?

Sodexo is not money. It is food money, with which you can only buy food. One cannot convert sodexo coupons into hard cash with 100% conversion efficiency. There is no other possible legal way to get sodexo and then convert them into money.

Is Sodexo accepted in Watsons?

Since Watsons now accepts Sodexo Premium Passes, it has made shopping at my favorite Personal Care Store even more of a hassle-free experience. Unlike other gift certificates which are usually only accepted in a small selection of stores, Sodexo has over 10,000 merchant partners nationwide.

Is Sodexo mobile Pass transferable?

Is my Mobile Pass transferrable? Yes. Just forward the SMS/Email message to your recipient. You may also transfer using the Mobile Pass app.

Can we use Sodexo in myntra?

Sodexo Gift passes are rarely accepted on online stores. So you will not be able to use it on Flipkart – at least as of now. You can redeem them at your local stores like BigBazar, WallMart or other outlets like Spencers, Titan and Nike….Answers.

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Does Amazon accept Sodexo meal pass?

The ‘Sodexo Meal Pass’ will allow Amazon employees to use their meal benefit at the nearest eatery, popular food portals and also at office cafeterias.