What is Lil Webbie net worth?

What is Lil Webbie net worth?

Webbie net worth: Webbie is an American rapper who has a net worth of $2.5 million dollars. Webbie was born Webster Gradney, Jr. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in September 1985. He started writing rhymes at the age of five and admired hardcore rap artists like Master P and the Geto Boys.

Where is Webbie now?

The rapper is a Baton Rouge native but now lives in Atlanta. The victim told authorities she has lived with him in Atlanta for the past 11 months and that they were visiting Baton Rouge for the Fourth of July weekend, along with members of his entourage.

How old was Webbie when he dropped savage life?

20-year old
But if there is a star of Savage Life, it’s undeniably Webbie. The 20-year old was in his prime, deceptively swift as a fullback, intuitively aware of how to use his voice as a instrument, curling syllables like the Pimp, singing on “What is It” like he’d studied Wineberry Over Gold instead of chemistry class.

Is Lil Webbie still alive?

(born September 6, 1985) who performs under the mononym Webbie, is an American rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He’s been signed to the independent Trill Entertainment label since 2003….

Years active 2000–present
Labels RBC Fontana Atlantic Warner Bros. Asylum Trill
Associated acts Boosie Badazz Lil Phat

Who are the CEOS of Trill Entertainment?

On May 8th, 2009, Melvin Vernell Jr. and Marcus Roach, both CEO’s of Trill Entertainment, were arrested and later charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, aggravated battery, illegal use of weapons, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of an illegal firearm by a convicted felon.

Did Pimp C own Trill Ent?

In 2001 he joined Trill Entertainment backed by its CEO the late Pimp C of UGK. Soon after, Trill independently released the album For My Thugz under his new alias Lil Boosie in 2002.

What is wrong Webbie?

Webbie, 35 suffered a medical emergency on stage, stumbling and collapsed during his most recent performance. The “How You Ridin'” rapper was in the middle of his show at the 213 Lux Lounge in Virginia when he immediately rushed off to the stage and was later followed quickly by fans and members of his security team.