What kind of tubing do you use for a motorcycle frame?

What kind of tubing do you use for a motorcycle frame?

Because of its many advantages, DOM is the material of choice in many of the most demanding applications for tubing.” Drawn-over mandrel tubing is produced to more exact outside and inside dimension tolerances, has a better finish without seams, and is widely used in high-stress applications requiring higher quality.

What kind of steel is used for motorcycle frames?

Steel is the most commonly used material in bike frames. Carbon or high-tensile steel is a good, strong, long-lasting steel, but it isn’t as light as its more high-tech brother, the steel known as chromoly. A workhorse of the industry, chromoly is a light, strong steel.

How thick is Harley tubing?

Many custom builders today use DOM 0.120 inch (3.0mm). We have one CRS that had the seat rails cut off it, so we could measure the tube thickness with a gauge.

Can I use MIG welder on motorcycle frame?

A good welding supply store will let you test them out. Some really nice 110-V machines on the market are real workhorses as long as you have the right fuse. And yes, you can use it on a motorcycle frame as long as it’s made out of steel or steel alloy.

Can you mig weld a motorcycle frame?

While you can technically MIG most metals, including aluminum, it’s generally messy and requires extra equipment, which can get expensive. This isn’t to say you can’t MIG weld your bike. There are thousands of welders who’ve used MIG to do things like create a mild steel frame from scratch.

Which is stronger carbon-fiber or titanium?

Carbon fiber has less than half the density of titanium. What is this? Carbon fiber has a high strength-to-weight ratio but it isn’t quite as strong as titanium. Because carbon fiber is so much less dense, more material can be used to create enough strength while still maintaining a light weight.

Is DOM tubing cold rolled or hot rolled?

Drawn Over Mandrel Mechanical Tubing (DOM) is a cold drawn 1020/1026 electric resistance welded tube with all of the flash removed prior to cold drawing. In comparison to traditional electric welded tubing, DOM tubing is produced to extremely tight OD and ID tolerances.