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What did William Wilberforce do to help abolish slavery?

What did William Wilberforce do to help abolish slavery?

In 1789, Wilberforce gave a three hour speech against slavery in Parliament. In 1791, Wilberforce presented to the House of Commons another Bill to abolish the slave trade. This stopped two-thirds of the slave trade and made it unprofitable. In 1807, after a huge campaign, Parliament abolished the slave trade.

Who was William Wilberforce and what did he fight for?

William Wilberforce, (born August 24, 1759, Hull, Yorkshire, England—died July 29, 1833, London), British politician and philanthropist who from 1787 was prominent in the struggle to abolish the slave trade and then to abolish slavery itself in British overseas possessions.

How did William Wilberforce change the world?

William Wilberforce’s greatest political achievement was his long fight to end Britain’s involvement in the Transatlantic slave trade. Wilberforce achieved the suppression of the slave trade, with the passing of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Bill, in 1807.

Where did William Wilberforce live?

HMP Hull
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What challenges did William Wilberforce face?

Pressures outside parliament Wilberforce believed that government was best left to the propertied and educated, so he was always uncomfortable with mass expressions of political opinion, and he opposed the idea of boycotting sugar.

Who was William Wilberforce Bitesize?

Wilberforce was the key abolitionist figure in Parliament, and Parliament was where the institution of slavery would be overturned in law.

When was William Wilberforce born?

August 24, 1759
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William Wilberforce was born in Hull on 24 August 1759, the only son of a Hull merchant whose wealth derived from the Baltic trade.

What political party was William Wilberforce?

William Wilberforce
Born 24 August 1759 Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Died 29 July 1833 (aged 73) Belgravia, London, England
Resting place Westminster Abbey
Political party Independent

What influenced William Wilberforce?

He had a group of people around him who were encouragers, most notably John Wesley – the founder of Methodism and the greatest preacher of his day. The Wesley brothers deeply influenced Wilberforce’s political activities as well as his spiritual development.

How is William Wilberforce remembered today?

Wilberforce is remembered as the leader of the abolition campaign in British history. This is probably due to his success in calling for a debate in the House of Commons, at the expense of other activists such as Sharp, Clarkson and Equiano.

Who was William Wilberforce ks2?

William Wilberforce became a voice of the abolitionists in the 1800s. He based his belief that all people are equal on his religious teachings that he received. Wilberforce was from a British merchant family and he was sent to live with his evangelist aunt after the death of his father when he was nine years old.