What was Feitan saying?

What was Feitan saying?

He speaks normal Japanese.. But backwards. You can see this clearly at 17:12 where the Japanese subtitles say “どうした” (do u shi ta) and he says “tashiudo” (ta shi u do) which is what you would get if you read the hiragana backwards.

What is Zazan’s Feitan saying?

Feitan phrases (addressed to Zazan in the anime) are sound like inverted Japanese. For example, his first phrase is “Ga soku” (が そく) which is reads backwards as “Kuso ga” (くそ が) and means “piece of crap”. As you can see, phrases in Japanes can be formed in many different ways.

Is Levi based off Feitan?

Levi and Feitan are not brothers. In fact, most people say, Hajime Isayama (the author of Attack On Titan) got inspired by Feitan to draw Levi.

Is Feitan a boy?

The Phantom Troupe’s roster is full of powerful Nen users, but none of them are quite like the best boy Feitan. Feitan may not have the appeal of a character like Hisoka with casual fans of Hunter X Hunter, but die-hard fans will never forget the edgiest member of the Phantom Troupe.

How old is Feitan in HXH?

Series Hunter × Hunter
Age 28
Birthday December 17
Sex Male

Who can beat Feitan?

Here are 5 Hunter x Hunter characters who possess power greater than Feitan does, and 5 who don’t.

  1. 1 Weaker: Kalluto Zoldyck.
  2. 2 Stronger: Neferpitou.
  3. 3 Weaker: Leol.
  4. 4 Stronger: Meruem.
  5. 5 Weaker: Phinks Magcub.
  6. 6 Stronger: Illumi Zoldyck.
  7. 7 Weaker: Machi Komacine.
  8. 8 Stronger: Hisoka Morow.

Who is stronger Chrollo or Feitan?

Fei is physically stronger than Chrollo, and he’s a swordsman, which makes him dangerous in melee.

Is Levi based on Feitan?

Is Levi asexual?

It is a confirmed fact by Isayama, the writer of the snK manga, that Levi is always the submissive one. Some other fun facts on Levi is that he is also a virgin despite his age, and the most sexually frustrated person in snK and AoT.