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Is CoCubes good for mechanical?

Is CoCubes good for mechanical?

For mechanical job posts, Cocubes is good. For IT field, eLitmus & AMCAT will do good. Being a mechanical engineer, you don’t have to necessarily work in core field only. You can work in IT field if you like as it offers a good salary, if he has interest one can achieve good heights in packages.

How do I prepare for CoCubes assessment test?

How to Prepare for CoCubes Exam 2021

  1. Know companies that hire via CoCubes.
  2. Understand the pattern.
  3. Know the cut off.
  4. Understanding weightage of each topic.
  5. Solving CoCubes Previous year papers.
  6. Will joining any online class be any worth of CoCubes.

What are the questions asked in CoCubes?

CoCubes Aptitude Questions 2021

Numbers, decimal fractions and power 0-2 1 min 10 secs
Time and Work 0-2 1 min 25 secs
Averages 0-1 1 min 30 secs
Profit and Loss 0-1 1 min 25 secs

How do you crack CoCubes?

CoCubes Preparation Strategy

  1. Learn the basic concepts of Aptitude- The Aptitude section(Reasoning and Numerical Ability) accounts for 30 questions and a total of 30 marks.
  2. Use the important books – The name of the CoCubes Books 2021 which are important for the CoCubes examination 2021 are also given on this page.

Is 540 a good score in CoCubes?

Above 500 is always considered as a good score for CoCubes. 500 marks will help you in get placed with a company of package 1.4 to 2.4.

Do companies hire through CoCubes?

The CoCubes have partnered with more than 200+ companies. In that case, the candidates get a hands-on plethora of job opportunities. Upon completing the CoCubes test the candidates get provided with a good range of packages depending upon their CoCubes marks and post.

Can we cheat in CoCubes test?

“You are always free of your choices, but not from the consequences of those choices”. Your choice ! In such cases even though the test is submitted, there is a background check for cheating cases. Hence it’s fair to all the candidates who genuinely attempted the assessment.

What is CoCubes syllabus?

The CoCubes syllabus is different for Engineering and MBA candidates. Aptitude Test, Computer fundamentals, Psychometric test, Domain test (engg. specific subject), Coding test, and Written English Test (WET). For the CoCubes MBA Syllabus, there are 4 modules in the assessment test viz.

How do you score good marks in CoCubes?

Overall, 60% in each section is considered an acceptable score. An overall score of 550 or above is considered a good score. In general, such a score will ensure you are eligible for several companies/profiles.

Can we navigate between questions in CoCubes?


Is 578 a good score in CoCubes?

As the Cut Off totally depends upon the package and the job Profile. But 560 or above 560 marks is considered as a good marks for CoCubes Test.