Is the ModMic UNI worth it?

Is the ModMic UNI worth it?

If you want to turn your old headphones into a quality headset without spending too much money, then the ModMic Uni is a great option. Most PCs and gaming consoles come with analog sound support for a microphone, so this ModMic will work with most platforms. It’s well made, works out of the box, and needs little setup.

Is ModMic UNI worth it Reddit?

This is a really good mic, I attached it to my M50x and it works like a charm. The mute mic switch is very useful. Normally it floats around $45.00 – $54.00 USD so I’d say this is a good deal. The carrying case is a nice bonus but it’s useless if you are going to attach the mic to one headset.

How long is ModMic USB?

Which ModMic is right for you?

ModMic Wireless Learn More ModMic Uni Learn More
Cable Length 2m 2m
Cable Type Micro USB Charging Cable Analog 3.5mm
Hardshell Travel Case
Antlion Cable Clasps N/A

Is the ModMic Uni The ModMic 5?

First, to clarify, the ModMic USB, ModMic Uni, and ModMic Wireless use the same Uni-directional microphone. Because the omni-directional mic is unchanged from the ModMic 5 we’ve left it off from the test to keep things simple. We promise these files are raw audio that has not been edited in any way.

What is the mic boom?

A boom microphone is when the mic is attached to the end of a boom, allowing perfect positioning in front of or next to the user’s mouth. This option provides the most accurate and best-quality sound that is possible for your software. inline microphones, you will also need to consider the cost.

Is ModMic good quality?

The ModMic is the ideal microphone for the PC gaming crowd. Then, once you have it set up, your communications are going to sound better than just about any gaming headset you can buy. And because the ModMic USB delivers in those two key areas, it’s easy to recommend.

Is ModMic permanent?

The good news is that it’s somewhat permanent. The ModMic is actually two pieces. The larger piece is the mic itself, along with the boom arm. The microphone attaches magnetically to the disc, so you’re free to remove the bulk whenever you’d like.

Is ModMic a dynamic mic?

So we took what we learned from our USB Sound Card to create a new and incredible analog to digital conversion (ADC), featuring a premium ADC chipset. Between this ADC and our premium mic capsule, we create a really impressive dynamic range for the mic with nothing left behind.

Does ModMic work with Xbox one?

WORKS WITH GAME CONSOLES AND SMART DEVICES – You can also connect the ModMic Uni with Playstation 4, Xbox One, and USB-driven devices. All you need is a USB or Y adapter (sold separately).

Is Modmic a dynamic mic?