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Why did they stop filming Gypsy Sisters?

Why did they stop filming Gypsy Sisters?

Gypsy Sisters was an actual television show. TMZ reports the show was canceled due to “dwindling ratings” and because “TLC simply felt it was time to move on.” They heard (presumably from a TLC source) that the cancelation has “nothing to do with the dog killing incident.”

Are Gypsy Sisters real gypsies?

Gypsy Sisters first aired in 2013 on TLC, and documented the lives of Romanichal women living in Martinsburg, WV. The Romanichal are a subgroup of the Romani people, a traditionally itinerant ethnic group. Gypsy Sisters was also the spin-off of an earlier TLC series titled, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

What does being a gypsy consist of?

A member of any of various traditionally itinerant groups unrelated to the Romani. The definition of a gypsy is a member of a tribe of people found throughout the world who has no permanent home or someone who shares this wandering lifestyle. An example of gypsy is those who travel with a carnival.

Where are the Gypsy Sisters now 2020?

Nettie and her husband, Huey, continue to live a low-key life as they have since they stepped out of the spotlight after the loss of Huey’s son, Rocky. The expectant father was stabbed to death over a game of basketball in March 2015.

What is Nettie Stanley doing now?

Nettie Stanley is enjoying her private life as a grandma She is instead focusing instead on her new life as a grandma and mother to nine kids: Albert, Dallas, Destiny, Chastie, Kat, Heath, Huey, Nuckie, and Sheila, according to InTouch.

What is gypsy style?

The term gypsy style refers to the typical way East European music is played in coffeehouses and restaurants, at parties, and sometimes on-stage, in European cities.

Where do Gypsy get their money?

I know many nomads (travelers or gypsies, as you call them). They basically get their money from anything that they can do online living remotely.

Who are the Gypsy Sisters from ‘Gypsy Sisters?

In 2013, the aptly titled Gypsy Sisters debuted, introducing the world to a unique group of Romanichal women: Mellie Stanley, Nettie Stanley, JoAnn Wells, Kayla Williams, and Annie Johnston — along with their friends, family, and enemies. And, suffice it to say, these women made an impression.

Will there be a’Gypsy Sisters’reunion show?

And, if the rumors of a reunion show that pop up every few years come true, Gypsy Sisters (or some incarnation of it) may even manage to contribute a few more iconic reality TV moments. Keep reading to find out some behind-the-scenes secrets that could only come from Gypsy Sisters — along with a few updates on what they’re doing now.

Why was’Gypsy Sisters’canceled?

When Gypsy Sisters went off the air, the ” official ” story was that low ratings were to blame. However, many fans came to believe that the show was canceled in light of a truly awful event related to star Mellie Stanley.

What happened to Nettie Stanley’s stepson on’Gypsy Sisters’?

While the women of Gypsy Sisters worked through some difficulties on the show, their issues were largely your garden variety reality TV version: arguments over love interests, catfighting, backstabbing, and the like. However, true tragedy touched the women in 2015 when Nettie Stanley’s 22-year-old stepson died.