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What is the 2000 year old computer?

What is the 2000 year old computer?

The 2,000-year-old device was recovered from a Roman shipwreck off the southern coast of Greece in 1901, and is believed to be the world’s oldest computer. The object appears to be designed to predict solar eclipses, and according to recent findings, calculate the timing of the ancient Olympics.

What is the world’s oldest computer?

Antikythera mechanism
Antikythera mechanism is believed to be the world’s oldest computer. The mechanism has been described as an astronomical calculator as well as the world’s first analogue computer. It is made of bronze and includes dozens of gears.

Would you call the Antikythera Mechanism a computer?

The Antikythera mechanism is generally referred to as the first known analogue computer. The quality and complexity of the mechanism’s manufacture suggests that it must have had undiscovered predecessors made during the Hellenistic period.

Why was the number of teeth 223 significant on one of the large gears of the Antikythera mechanism?

This number is significant as it is equal to half the number of Moon orbits in a 19-year solar cycle. Scientists believe that the mechanism’s creator did this to simplify the operation, and that a multiplier gear converted the number to 254.

Why is it called Antikythera?

The Antikythera mechanism was found in a Roman-era shipwreck and named after a Greek island.

Is Greek and Roman the same?

Romans appeared in history from 753 BC to 1453 while the Greeks thrived from 7000 BC (Neolithic Greeks) to 146 BC. Romans used Latin as their official language while the people of Greece spoke Greek. Romans imitated the mythological and religious ideologies of Greeks but translated them into a Roman setup.

Has the Antikythera Mechanism been reproduced?

The various known indications of the Antikythera “machine” have been faithfully reproduced on its modern-day counterpart, both on the front and on the back.

What is the significance of the 235 tooth gear?

But since the 19-year Metonic cycle contains almost exactly 235 synodic months, it allows celestial trackers to align these two very important ways of measuring time. In other words, the 235-tooth gear could have been used to precisely track the Metonic cycle.