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What is PS in current transformer?

What is PS in current transformer?

PS stands for protection special which is defined by knee point voltage of current transformer Vk and excitation current Ie at Vk/2.

What is CT class PS?

PS Class CT is also known as PX Class or simply Class X Current Transformer. It is special type of current transformer meant for protection purpose. Deviation in characteristics of CTs may lead to spill current in the secondary and even lead to actuation of protection element even under through fault condition.

What is the difference between PS class and 5P20 CT?

the accuracy of PS class is not defined. generally used for unit protections differentials…. And a 5P20 CT means it will give a +_5% error when it reads 20 times the rated current …which means when a fault happens more than the CT ratting upto 20 times it can measure with a 5% errors with plus minus…

Why PS class CT used for differential protection?

Both the PS class CTs used for differential protection have the identical saturation characteristics and their knee point voltage are the same. In through fault condition, both the CTs operate at same operating points of BH curve and thus differential relay remains inoperative under through fault condition.

What is differential CT?

A differential protection monitors an area limited by CTs which measure incoming and outgoing currents. If the outgoing currents are not consistent with the incoming currents, this is normally because a fault has occurred in the protected area.

What is a PS class?

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What is difference between 5P10 and 5P20?

Its application which differetiate the use of 5P10 and 5P20. If the breaker is used for backup protection say incommer etc you can use 5P20, but if it is say an incommer ACB/ MCCBof PMCC, you should use 5P10 only.

What is difference between metering CT and protection CT?

Protection Current Transformer (CT) and Metering CT are two different types of CT as per their requirement and hence design. Therefore, Protection class CT should not be used as Metering CT. Similarly, a Metering Current Transformer should not be used for protection purpose.

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