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How do you complete Benhart Questline?

How do you complete Benhart Questline?

To complete Benhart’s questline, you must:

  1. Exhaust all of his dialogue in all four encounters with him.
  2. Summon him at least three times for boss fights and have him survive the boss fight.

What Bosses Can you summon Benhart for?

He can be summoned for the following boss fights:

  • Prowling Magus and Congregation.
  • Looking Glass Knight.
  • Giant Lord.
  • Throne Watcher and Defender (this fight does not count)
  • Nashandra.
  • Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin (this fight does not count)
  • Elana, the Squalid Queen (DLC)

How do you get the achievement in benhart of Jugo?

You earn this achievement by fully progressing Benhart of Jugo’s questline. If done properly, when you meet him in the Memory of Orro late in the game, he will give you his equipment and the achievement will pop.

Where is Jugo ds2?

Jugo, located east of Drangleic, is a distant desert land of which the horizon is marked by the giant anthills of the local corrosive ants.

How do you summon Benhart for giant Lord?

His summon sign is right outside the fog gate. Benhart of Jugo can also be summoned once his dialogue is exhausted outside the Memory of Orro, as well as within the same memory. Head down the stairs from Drummond’s summon sign to find his summon sign.

Where can you summon Benhart?

Summon Locations

  • Brightstone Cove Tseldora. In a tent near the collapsed building containing the mimic at the Royal Army Campsite Bonfire.
  • King’s Passage. To the left of the fog gate for Looking Glass Knight, who he can assist with.
  • Memory of Jeigh.
  • Dragon’s Rest.
  • Throne of Want.

How do you get Benhart gear?

Summoning Benhart in Memory of Jeigh to fight the Giant Lord after talking with him in Memory of Orro is perhaps the easiest method to get his gear. To reset and allow another summon in Memory of Jeigh, use an ascetic on The Place Unbeknownst bonfire after killing the Giant Lord on the current intensity.

Is the Giant Lord required?

It is required for progression.