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Which is the best city in Malappuram?

Which is the best city in Malappuram?

Here is a detailed guide of all the best places to visit in Malappuram.

  • Kodikuthimala.
  • Bharathapuzha River.
  • Kovilakoms.
  • Nedumkayam.
  • Angadipuram Temple.
  • Kottakkunnu.
  • Shanthitheeram Park.
  • Adyanpara. A natural cascading waterfall, the Adyanpara is counted amongst the best of Malappuram tourist places.

How many places are there in Malappuram?

The coastal belt of Malappuram lies in three municipal towns, namely Tanur, Ponnani, and Parappanangadi, and eight Gram panchayats namely Vallikkunnu, Tanalur, Niramaruthur, Vettom, Mangalam, Purathur, Veliyankode, and Perumbadappu.

Which place is known as mini Ooty of Malappuram?

Arimbra Hills
Arimbra Hills, popularly known as the Mini Ooty is a tourist spot in Malappuram. It is an ideal place to feel the clouds and to watch sunset. Located at a height of 1050 ftabove sea level, the place attracts large number of visitors for its rolling hills and scenic views.

How many beaches are in Malappuram district?

10 Beaches In Malappuram: A Great Retreat For Beachgoers In Kerala.

Which is the best district in Kerala?


Rank District Coordinates
1 Idukki 10°10′11.10″N 77°3′41.37″E
2 Ernakulam 10°10′11.10″N 77°3′41.37″E
3 Malappuram 11°18′3.44″N 76°32′43.75″E
4 Palakkad 11°11′15.64″N 76°27′30.35″E

Which place is known as Kerala’s Ooty?

Ranipuram hills
Ranipuram hills is an attractive destination located in the Kasaragod district. The region, once known as Madathumala, shares it borders with Karnataka. Dubbed as the “Ooty of Kerala”, Ranipuram hills is renowned for its cool climate, deep woods and enthralling trekking trails.

Which place is known as Ooty of Malabar?

Situated at a distance of 45 km from this northern city of Kerala, Kakkayam offers you some peaceful moments in nature’s lap. Kakkayam shares borders with Wayanad and is also often referred to as the ‘Ooty of Malabar. ‘

Is there sea in Malappuram?

Beaches of Malappuram | Destinations in Malappuram Tourism. Padinjarekkara Beach Situated at the end of the Tipu Sultan road near Ponnani in Malappuram district, the Padinjarekkara Beach offers a breathtaking view of the confluence of the Bharathapuzha, the Tirur Puzha and the Arabian Sea.