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What are Transseptal fibers?

What are Transseptal fibers?

THE transseptal fibers are those groups of collagen fibers comprising a liga- ment-like band, arising in the cementum of the proximal surface of a tooth. subjacent to the gingival fiber group and running across and above the bone. crest to an adjacent tooth.

Where are Interradicular fibers located?

Interradicular fibers are only found between the roots of multirooted teeth, such as premolars and molars. They extend from radicular cementum to interradicular alveolar bone.

What is the name for the main fiber group in the periodontal ligament?

The primary principal fiber group is the alveolodental ligament, which consists of five different fiber subgroups. These fiber subgroups include the following: alveolar crest, horizontal, oblique, apical and interradicular on multirooted teeth.

What are the different types of gingival fibers?

At least six of these gingival fiber groups insert into the cementum of the natural tooth: the dentogingival (coronal, horizontal, and apical), dentoperiosteal, transseptal, circular, semicircular, and transgingival fibers.

Which of the following groups of tissues comprise the periodontium?

The periodontium is a connective tissue consisting of four components: cementum, the periodontal ligament (PDL), alveolar bone, and gingival tissue.

What is the alveolar crest group?

The alveolar crest fibers arise from the cementum at the neck of the tooth and terminate in the alveolar crest. Transseptal fibers originate in the cervical region of each crown and extend to similar locations on the mesial and distal surfaces of each adjacent tooth (Figs.

What is the Interradicular fibers?

The collagen fibers of the periodontal ligament in the interradicular area, attaching the tooth to alveolar bone. See also: fiber.

What are the parts of the periodontium?

What does PDL mean in dentistry?

The periodontal ligament, commonly known as the PDL, is a soft connective tissue between the inner wall of the alveolar socket and the roots of the teeth. It consists of collagen bands (mostly type I collagen) connecting the cementum of teeth to the gingivae and alveolar bone.

What are the four gingival fiber groups?

The practice consists of four principal areas which include the following:

  • Gingiva.
  • Periodontal Ligament (PDL)
  • Cementum.
  • Alveolar Bone Proper.

What are the other 3 components of the periodontium?