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Why is Balram called Ashok?

Why is Balram called Ashok?

He even takes on the alias of ‘Ashok Sharma’ to hide his true identity. With his new business, he makes sure to take the blame for his drivers’ accidents and compensate the victims’ family, a reaction to his masters’ willingness to frame him for their mistake.

What was the problem between Balram and Ashok in The White Tiger?

Ashok submit to bribery and other acts that are distasteful and unfitting of men of that nature. In similar ways, both Balram and Mr. Ashok defy a very big part of Indian culture, and that is family. Balram refuses his grandmother’s wishes for him to marry and severs their relationship by not sending them money.

Who is Balram in The White Tiger?

Adarsh Gaurav
WHO IS ADARSH GOURAV? Adarsh Gaurav is an Indian actor, singer and song-writer. He not only attended The Drama School in Mumbai, but also is trained in Hindustani classical music for nine years.

Was Balram’s family killed in White Tiger?

Balram explains that his own family was almost certainly killed by Ashok’s relatives as retribution for his murder. At the end of the novel, Balram rationalizes his actions and considers that his freedom is worth the lives of his family and of Ashok.

Why did Pinky gave 9300 to Balram?

In a particularly telling insult, Pinky gives Balram 9,300 rupees in recompense for all his trouble. Balram wonders if she’d brought 10,000 and arbitrarily decided to take away 700 rupees. The film itself does not judge Balram his past.

How does Balram cheat his employer?

Soon after Ashok’s evening with the minister’s assistant, Balram asks Vitiligo Lips to find him a golden haired prostitute. He also asks the older driver for advice on how to cheat his master. Using the money he stole from Ashok, Balram hires a golden-haired prostitute with the help of Vitiligo Lips.

Where do Balram and Kishan move together?

After Balram’s father’s death, Kusum arranges Kishan’s marriage to a local girl in exchange for a large dowry, and then sends both Kishan and Balram to Dhanbad to work in a teashop.

Is Balram a psychopath?

Balram is a blazingly savage, brilliant, and psychopathic on his journey. In the new alien world, he experiences a state mental disorder. That’s why Balram, the narrator of the letter, has the mark of a Psychopath.