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What is monopole moment and dipole moment?

What is monopole moment and dipole moment?

The first (the zeroth-order) term is called the monopole moment, the second (the first-order) term is called the dipole moment, the third (the second-order) the quadrupole moment, the fourth (third-order) term is called the octupole moment, and so on.

What is the monopole moment?

The monopole moment is the total quantity of whatever it is you’re considering. For example, if you’re looking at a 3-dimensional multipole expansion of the mass of the earth, the monopole moment would be the total mass.

What is intrinsic dipole moment?

The electron electric dipole moment (EDM) de is an intrinsic property of an electron such that the potential energy is linearly related to the strength of the electric field: The electron’s EDM must be collinear with the direction of the electron’s magnetic moment (spin).

Can a monopole have a dipole moment?

When two monopoles of opposite charge are in proximity they will generate a moment (a force) called an electric dipole moment (μ) between them.

What is monopole and dipole?

In essence, the difference between a monopole and dipole antenna, is that a dipole antenna uses an additionally radiator to generate a synthetic ground plane between the symmetric radiator elements, where a monopole antenna requires a physical ground plane. Dipoles tend to be more common.

What is monopole and dipole in physics?

As implied by its name, the magnetic monopole consists of a single pole, as opposed to the dipole, which is comprised of two magnetic poles. Dirac proposed that the existence of even a single magnetic monopole in the universe would explain why electric charge comes only in multiples of the electron charge.

What is a fluctuating dipole?

A fluctuating dipole may be formed on a non-dipolar atom or molecule due to the time dependent relative movement between the centers of positive and negative charge. This field will interact with another dipole giving rise to a force between the two dipoles.

Which molecule has intrinsic dipole moment?

polar molecule
A polar molecule has intrinsic dipole moment or permanent dipole moment, so it it called an electirc dipole. In a polar molecule, the centre of positive and negative charges does not coincide with each other because of asymmetric spape of molecule.

What do you mean by monopole antenna?

A monopole antenna is a class of radio antenna consisting of a straight rod-shaped conductor, often mounted perpendicularly over some type of conductive surface, called a ground plane. Therefore the length of the antenna is determined by the wavelength of the radio waves it is used with.

Which is better monopole or dipole?