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What is the latest available version of virtual hardware?

What is the latest available version of virtual hardware?

ESXi 6.7u2 introduces hardware version 15. This new hardware version allows for the creation of a VM with up to 256 vCPUs….VMware products and their virtual hardware version.

Virtual Hardware Version Products
17 ESXi 7.0 (7.0.0)
16 Fusion 11.x Workstation Pro 15.x Workstation Player 15.x

How do I find VM hardware version?

You can see the hardware version within the summary tab of the individual VM when selected. You’ll find it on similar place within the old Windows Client or HTML5 Web client.

What is latest version of VMware?

VMware vSphere

Developer(s) VMware
Initial release April 21, 2009
Stable release 7.0 / April 2, 2020
License Proprietary
Website vmware.com/products/vsphere/

How do I update VMware hardware version?

Right-click the virtual machine and select the menu option to upgrade virtual hardware:

  1. In the vSphere C# Client, the option is Upgrade Virtual Hardware.
  2. In the vSphere Web Client, the option is Compatibility > Upgrade VM Compatibility. The virtual hardware is upgraded to the latest supported version.

How do I know if my hardware is compatible with VMware?

On the Updates tab, select Hosts > Hardware Compatibility. In the Hardware Compatibility pane, select your task. To run a hardware compatibility check for the host for the first time, select a target ESXi from the drop-down menu and click Apply.

How do I check VMware Tools version?

Checking the VMware Tools version

  1. Locate the VMware Tools icon in the System Tray. Move the mouse pointer over the icon.
  2. To check which version is installed, right-click the VMware Tools icon and select About VMware Tools. The About VMware Tools dialog displays information about the currently installed version.

What version of VMware is free?

VMware Workstation 16 Player The free version is available for non-commercial, personal and home use. We also encourage students and non-profit organizations to benefit from this offering. Commercial organizations require commercial licenses to use Workstation Player.

Which VMware is the best?

While type 1 is more suitable for large production environments, hosted hypervisors are used for VMs run on personal computers. The most popular type 2 hypervisor software are VirtualBox and VMware….VirtualBox Vs. VMware: Comparison Table.

Comparison VirtualBox VMware
Virtual Disk Format VDI, VMDK, VHD, HDD VMDK