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Which state produces timber in Nigeria?

Which state produces timber in Nigeria?

Nigeria was once a one-time largest exporter of timber in West Africa, and the major areas of production located in the rain forest areas such as; Cross River, Edo, Ondo, Ogun, and Delta State.

Where is wood found in Nigeria?

Round wood production in Nigeria comes mostly from the natural high forest zone of the country, in particular from the Southern states of Cross River, Edo, Ogun, Ondo and Oyo states of Nigeria. Round wood is no longer exported from Nigeria since this has been placed on ban since 1976.

Does Ghana Export timber?

Most of Ghana’s timber is exported to the EU, and some of the products in demand include sliced veneer, plywood, rotary veneer and kiln dried lumber. Other timber exports include curl veneer, boules, furniture parts and air dried lumber. The total export volume to the United States is 9.01 percent.

When did Nigeria Export her first crude oil?

February 1958
Nigeria exported its first crude oil in February 1958 from the Oloibiri oil field, initially at the rate of 5,100 barrels per day (810 m3/d). The oil was being pumped from the field via the country’s first pipeline, laid by Shell.

What is timber used for?

Timber is a valued natural resource that serves directly as a material for use in construction, paper manufacturing, specialty wood products such as furniture, and as a fuel source.

What is timber used for in Nigeria?

Timber has been used as a primary source of building material for ages in construction of building. The Raw Materials Research and Development Council of Nigeria, RMRDC, (1998) opined that the roof structure and ceiling noggins of most buildings are constructed with timber because of its workability and durability.

Who exports the most timber?

Canada ranks second among leading global wood product exporters

Country Global market share of total wood product exports Largest type of wood product exports
China 12.8% Panels
Canada 12.3% Lumber
United States 8.4% Lumber
Germany 7.6% Lumber

Which country produces the most timber?

World Top Ten Timber Producing Countries
Country (CU M)
USA 481,092,992
India 296,234,016
China 284,910,024

What are the exports of Nigeria?

Nigeria’s Top 5 Commodity Exports

  • Crude Petroleum – $45 billion.
  • Petroleum Gas – $8.6 billion.
  • Refined Petroleum – $940 million.
  • Cocoa Beans – $621 million.
  • Gold – $577 million.