What is the difference between a Broadway preview and opening?

What is the difference between a Broadway preview and opening?

Preview performances at a show are those that the producer of the show has decided to run before theatre critics are allowed to review the show. The opening night, or press night, then provides the critics with an opportunity to see the show.

How do Broadway previews work?

Previews are a set of public performances of a theatrical presentation that precede its official opening. The purpose of previews is to allow the director and crew to identify problems and opportunities for improvement that weren’t found during rehearsals and to make adjustments before critics are invited to attend.

Which show had the shortest Broadway run of their career?


No. Title Closing date
1. A Broadway Musical December 21, 1978
1. A Teaspoon Every Four Hours June 14, 1969
1. Billy March 22, 1969
1. Blood Red Roses March 22, 1970

Is it good to see a Broadway show in previews?

Traditionally a discount from what will be the actual ticket price once the show officially opens, a preview ticket is one way to get good bang for your buck. Tickets to big musicals in particular can be quite pricey, so grabbing a seat to a big name show for a discounted price is clearly appealing to many.

How many previews does a Broadway show have?

The difference between “on sale” and “open” can be confusing even for veteran ticket-buyers, so here are the five things to know before you book a show. Broadway plays typically spend between two and five weeks in previews before they open.

Why are theatre previews cheaper?

Counting the Cost One main reason audiences may choose to attend previews simply comes down to price. All shows offer discounts over the preview period, with many being significantly cheaper than after opening night.

What was the most expensive Broadway musical to produce?

“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”, the musical based on the legendary comic superhero, is the most expensive production in the history of the theatre.

Why are Theatre previews cheaper?