Is SpermCheck fertility accurate?

Is SpermCheck fertility accurate?

Nonetheless, the overall accuracy of the device was over 96% and it is noteworthy that SpermCheck Fertility correctly identified 100% of the semen samples that had sperm counts greater than or equal to the WHO reference value for a normal semen analysis.

Can you test a mans fertility at home?

Home sperm tests require ejaculation into a collection cup. While procedures vary for transferring semen and completing the test, results are typically available within a few minutes. The tests work by detecting a protein found only in sperm.

How accurate is SpermCheck vasectomy?

A cohort of 144 post-vasectomy semen samples was tested in the clinical trial. SpermCheck was 96% accurate in predicting whether sperm counts were greater or less than a threshold of 250,000 sperm per ml, a level associated with little or no risk of pregnancy.

What does C mean on a sperm test?

If you see both a Control Line (marked as “C” on the SpermCheck Device) and a Test Line (marked as “T”), your sperm count is at least 20 million per milliliter, which is considered a healthy threshold for male fertility.

What is the best sperm count?

Based on the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, experts consider a healthful sperm count to be 15 million per milliliter (ml), or at least 39 million per ejaculate. Doctors consider a sperm count under 15 million per ml to be low, and it may cause fertility issues.

How do you use SpermCheck fertility?

Insert the Semen Transfer Device into the semen sample avoiding any solid or sticky material within the semen. Slowly pull the plunger to draw your sample into the Semen Transfer Device until it reaches the black line on the tube. Avoid getting air bubbles in the Semen Transfer Device.

Where can a man check if he is fertile?

Start out with a visit to a doctor called a urologist. They’ll give you a physical exam and ask you questions about your lifestyle and medical history, such as: Surgeries you’ve had.

What is the best male fertility test?

A semen analysis is often the first fertility test issued for men. These five major benchmarks will provide a good view of your general fertility. If you suspect infertility, have been struggling to achieve pregnancy, or simply want to understand your body better, starting with a semen analysis is a great first step.

How do I use SpermCheck?

How do you do a SpermCheck test?