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How long is the Elk River float?

How long is the Elk River float?

Canoe Floats We offer an 8 mile and a 5 mile float trip. The 8 mile is the most popular for a full day on the river. The 5 mile can be made to last all day if you choose to stop a lot. We offer both plastic and aluminum canoes.

What class is the Elk River in Missouri?

class I-II
Rated a class I-II, the Elk River is ideal for both beginners and more experienced floaters looking for a laid-back day. The gorgeous, bedrock stream of the Elk River, which runs through southwestern Missouri offers “rest stop” opportunities during you canoeing, kayaking or rafting trip on its many gravel bars.

Which direction does the Elk River in Missouri flow?

The Elk is formed by the confluence of Big Sugar Creek and Little Sugar Creek at Pineville, Missouri, and flows generally westward through McDonald County, Missouri, past the town of Noel, into Delaware County, Oklahoma, where it meets the Neosho River.

Is the Elk River an easy float?

A float of three miles is available through Cowskin Canoe Rental, located at the Cowskin access where Missouri 43 crosses the river. The float starts on private property and ends at the access. The Elk River is a Class I stream that is easy to navigate and suitable for novice paddlers.

Can you tube the Elk River?

Go Tubing Down the Elk River If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Elk River while you just lay back and let the currents carry you along, nothing beats our tubing rentals! All of our tubes are available for 6-mile floating trips only. A cooler tube is available for an additional charge.

Is Elk River spring fed?

The Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed is a 202,060 acre watershed consisting of deep glacially cut lakes, numerous spring fed lakes and miles of top quality trout streams. The waters and lands contained in the watershed are highly valued recreational lands.

What river runs thru Noel MO?

The Elk River
The Elk River runs through the quaint town of Noel in the southwest corner of Missouri. Fishing, swimming and canoe trips are popular. Noel is home to legendary Ginger Blue Inn and Shadow Lake.

How high is the Elk River in Missouri?

3.63 feet
Elk River (Missouri), Tiff City (07189000)

State Missouri Low (345 cfs)
River Elk River Estimated
Updated 2022-01-29 3:30 (1 hour ago) 3481
Discharge 345 cfs (median: 354 cfs) 797
Height 3.63 feet 477

Can you float Big Sugar Creek?

The Elk River and its scenic tributary, Big Sugar Creek, have become a favorite float with canoeists in the western part of the state. Big Sugar provides good camping and fishing, and is an unusually clear stream.