Is South Harrow a good place to live?

Is South Harrow a good place to live?

Pinner South – 372 Pinner South is the safest place in Harrow according to recorded crimes between January and December 2018. Nearly 100 offences were in relation to violence, there were also 92 burglaries, 116 thefts and 12 sexual offences.

When was South Harrow built?

South Harrow tube station

South Harrow
2020 1.58 million
Key dates
28 June 1903 Opened as terminus (DR)
1 March 1910 Becomes through station

What county is South Harrow in?

South Harrow
London borough Harrow
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Country England

Is Harrow a poor area?

Harrow has no LSOAs in the most deprived 10%, and eight in England’s most deprived 20%. Harrow’s most deprived neighbourhood for this Index is located in Stanmore Park, an area covering three council estates – Cottesmore, Woodland and Woodlands Drive.

Is Harrow a good investment?

In terms of capital growth, Harrow is a solid place to invest. Second-hand sale prices increased by 4.3 per cent last year, more than double to increase in London overall, which sits at 2 per cent, according to figures obtained by Savills using Land Registry figures.

Is Harrow a rough area?

Crime and Safety in Harrow Harrow is the second safest city in London, and is the second safest overall out of London’s 33 towns, villages, and cities. The most common crimes in Harrow are violence and sexual offences, with 4,886 offences during 2021, giving a crime rate of 19.

Which Tube line is Harrow on?

Metropolitan line
London Underground services at Harrow-on-the-Hill are provided by the Metropolitan line. The adjacent Underground stations are Northwick Park (all stations southbound), Moor Park (fast northbound), North Harrow (all stations northbound) and West Harrow (towards Uxbridge).

Why is Harrow called Harrow?

Etymology. Harrow’s name comes from Old English hearg = ‘(heathen) temple’, which was probably on the hill of Harrow, where St. Mary’s Church now stands. The name has been studied in detail by Keith Briggs.

When did Harrow become part of London?

Harrow, outer borough of London, England, forming part of the northwestern perimeter of the metropolis. It is in the historic county of Middlesex. Previously a municipal borough, Harrow became a London borough in 1965.