What is honour based violence?

What is honour based violence?

Honour-based violence (HBV) is the term used to refer to a collection of practices used predominantly to control the behaviour of women and girls within families or other social groups in order to protect supposed cultural and religious beliefs, values and social norms in the name of ‘honour’.

What is an example of honour based violence?

Examples of honour-based violence physical abuse (kicking and beating); psychological pressure (strict monitoring, humiliation, threats); abandonment (leaving someone in their country of origin or sending them back there); honour killing (murder).

What happened Tulay Goren?

She was killed in a so-called honour killing because of her relationship with an older man, from a different branch of the Islamic faith. Mehmet Goren was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years. Tulay’s body has never been found….Murder of Tulay Goren.

Tulay Goren
Known for Honour killing victim

Who is at risk of honour based violence?

2. Risks. Honour based violence, where it affects children and young people, is a child protection issue. Children and young people who are subject to honour based abuse and violence are at risk of significant harm through physical, sexual, psychological, emotional harm and neglect.

What is Honour killing based on?

Most often, it involves the murder of a woman or girl by male family members, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought dishonor or shame upon the family name, reputation or prestige. Honour killings are believed to have originated from tribal customs.

What are the causes of Honour killing?

The main reason contributing to this heinous crime is the mentality of people ,that they are not ready to accept the fact their childrens can marry in accordance with their own choices be it in their own caste, religion or outside their caste or religion.

What happened to Shafilea Ahmed?

Shafilea was suffocated to death 18 years ago after having a plastic bag forced down her throat, with her body discovered in the Lake District five months later. In 2012, mum and dad Farzana and Iftikhar Ahmed were convicted of her murder and each jailed for a minimum of 25 years.

What happened to Heshu Yones?

Heshu Yones (1986 – 12 October 2002) was a 16-year-old Iraqi Kurd from Acton, west London who was murdered by her father in an honour killing. Abdalla Yones killed his daughter for becoming too “westernised” and for engaging in a relationship against his orders.

Who killed Tulay Goren?

Mehmet Goren, 49, was jailed for life this afternoon for murdering 15-year-old Tulay. He killed her because she “shamed” his family by falling in love with the wrong man. The girl’s body has still not been found 11 years after she disappeared from the family home in north-east London.

What is honour based violence in safeguarding?

Honour based violence is a collection of practices, which are used to control behaviour within families or other social groups to protect perceived cultural and religious beliefs and/or honour. Women, men and younger members of the family can all be involved in the abuse.

What is honour crime criminology?

“Honour” crime involves violence, including murder, committed by people who want to defend the reputation of their family or community. Honour killing is the murder of a person accused of bringing shame upon his or her family.

How many honour crimes are committed each year?

The UN estimates that 5,000 women and girls are murdered each year in honor killings, which are widely reported in the Middle East and South Asia, but they occur in countries as varied as Brazil, Canada, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Sweden, Syria, Uganda, United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries.