What does held out hope mean?

What does held out hope mean?

To “hold out hope” means you think something probably won’t happen, but you hope it does anyway.

Whats it mean to be a hold out?

English Language Learners Definition of holdout : a person who refuses to reach an agreement until certain terms are met : a person who holds out. : an act of holding out for something. : a person who continues to do or use something after others have stopped doing or using it.

What does holding onto hope mean?

To maintain hope that something will happen or be the case, especially when it does not seem likely.

What does dont hold out hope mean?

DEFINITIONS1. to have little hope that something will happen. The report is supposed to be published next month. I don’t hold out much hope though! Synonyms and related words.

What is the meaning of held on?

2. To endure or continue to do something despite difficulty: They held on until fresh supplies arrived. 3. To wait for something wanted or requested.

How do you use hold out in a sentence?

continue to live; endure or last.

  1. Hold out your hands with your palms facing downwards.
  2. They won’t be able to hold out much longer under this sort of bombardment.
  3. He tried to hold out for higher paying by rejecting signature to the contract.
  4. He seems to hold out no hope of success.

How are you holding up meaning?

“How are you holding up”, by itself, usually means “How are you doing in the midst of this difficult situation?”

How do I stop holding my ex for hope?

Here’s how the experts say you can say goodbye to the false hope of a reconciliation for good.

  1. Be Honest With Yourself.
  2. Go Full No-Contact, Including Social Media.
  3. Give Yourself Something New To Hope For.
  4. Get Back Out There.

What’s a word for feeling like giving up?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for give up, like: quit, surrender, renounce, lose courage, abandon, lose-heart, cease, cede, hand over, relinquish and yield.

Is it loosing hope or losing hope?

Neither are correct. Loose means moveable or extra space. Lose means lost or missing. In America we would say lose all hope.