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Is Robert Cade still alive?

Is Robert Cade still alive?

Deceased (1927–2007)Robert Cade / Living or Deceased

What did Robert Cade do?

James Robert Cade, a professor of renal (kidney) medicine at the University of Florida and the lead inventor of the sports drink Gatorade. Although he is most widely remembered for Gatorade, he was a man of many parts; a true Renaissance man.

Where was Cade born?

San Antonio, TXRobert Cade / Place of birth

How much did Robert Cade make from Gatorade?

By the time Dr. Cade died in 2007, his collection contained more than 100 Studebakers. As of this writing, the families of the four doctors who were involved in the invention of Gatorade (including Dr. Cade) have earned approximately $600 million in royalties from the various trusts established for their benefit.

How much did Gatorade cost in 1965?

The first batch of Gatorade cost $43 to make back in 1965, which is approximately $325 when adjusted for inflation.

Who gets royalties from Gatorade?

The Gatorade Trust would continue to receive their royalties, and the school would take 20 percent of the disbursement. Initially, that meant one cent for every gallon of Gatorade sold, a fraction of the five cents owed to the Trust.

Who owns the patent for Gatorade?

When the Gators credited the drink with their first Orange Bowl win in 1967, Gatorade gained instant notoriety and garnered media interest. Cade offered his patent rights to the University of Florida, but they turned him down, so Cade partnered with Stokely-Van Camp, who mass-produced and distributed the drink.

What kind of cars did Dr Cade collect?

Dr. Cade was a passionate museum with a passion for collecting Studebaker cars, some of which will be highlighted at the museum.

What high school did Robert Cade go to?

The University of Texas at Austin
UT Southwestern Medical CenterG.W. Brackenridge High School
Robert Cade/Education

Does the University of Florida still get royalties from Gatorade?

It was agreed that the University of Florida would get 20% of royalties. Cade and four other members of the trust got 10% each of royalties. Gatorade is now owned by PepsiCo — and this move on the part of Cade is the only reason that PepsiCo still pays royalties to Cade, the University, and others.