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What is the central theme of Mrcchakatika?

What is the central theme of Mrcchakatika?

“ Mrichchhakatika means clay cart .” Note: The main theme of the play is infidelity. Dishonesty is the main theme of the play.

What is the meaning of Mrcchakatika?

a clay cart
A Sanskrit play by Shudraka is named as Mrichchhakatika. It means a clay cart.

What is the setting of Mrcchakatika?

The central story is that of a noble but impoverished young Brahmin, Sanskrit: Cārudatta, who falls in love with a wealthy courtesan or nagarvadhu, Sanskrit: Vasantasenā….Mṛcchakatika.

Mṛcchakatika (The Little Clay Cart)
Setting Ancient city of Ujjayini Fifth century BC

What is the significance of The Little Clay Cart?

The title of “The Little Clay Cart” represents a departure from Sanskrit tradition, in which a prakarana was generally named after its hero and heroine. Malavikagnimitra, for example, is the love story of Princess Malavika and King Agnimitra, Vikramorvashi is the tale of King Pururavas and the heavenly…

What is the profession of Vasantasena?

Vasantasena (Fifth century BC) was a courtesan of Ujjayini according to ancient Indian literature, who earned fame and prosperity due to her finesse in various art forms such as singing, dancing, poetry, and courting as well as for her beauty.

Who is charudatta wife?

Charudatta is happily married to a devout wife, from whom he has a son named Rohasena. However, he falls in deep love with a wealthy and reputed courtesan, Vasantasena, who herself is enamored of Charudatta.

What type of hero is charudatta?

Charudatta is a hero of the ‘Dhirodat’ type. He is very handsome. He loses almost the whole of his fortune by giving away vast sums in charity. he is fond of music and extremely sympathetic towards other, even to the thief who breaks into his house.

How many acts are there in Mrcchakatika?

The main storyline of Mrcchakatika, with its ten acts and thirty characters, runs thus: Charudatta is a noble, impoverished Brahmin.

Who is Sarvilaka in Mrichchhakatika?

Sarvilaka is a thief, but he is also a friend to the captive prince, whom he helps free. He steals jewels from Chrudatta in order to purchase a bride.

How did charudatta became poor?

Charudatta is an impoverished Brahman, who is one of the central characters in Sudraka’s play Mricchakatika. Sudraka presents Charudatta as a noble and sensitive man, of respectable social position. His state of poverty is a result of his charitable nature, which is also shown as a positive trait.

How did charudatta become poor?