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How many Filipinos are addicted to online games?

How many Filipinos are addicted to online games?

limited to identifying motivations in playing online games, as 15.66 million Filipino gamers are forecasted to be playing online games in 2021 (Statista, 2021), this was found useful for the purposes of this research, especially that it has been proven to be reliable and valid ranging at α = 0.79 to α = 0.90 (Barbon.

How does gaming affect physical health?

Various studies show that playing too much computer games causes physical damages and increases anxiety and depression in players. Many studies show that most adolescents who are addicted to computer games have high heart beat and blood pressure due to too much excitement and stress.

How many Filipino students are playing online games?

According to a survey conducted by Rakuten Insight in the Philippines, 46 percent of respondents stated playing online games daily as of March 2020.

What are the effects of online game addiction?

Literature has consistently shown that video game addicts reported more anxiety, depression, lower positive affect and psychological well-being. Literature has also shown that Internet addictions are related to poorer emotional health, in particular depression and anxiety (40, 41).

Does online gaming bring more harm than good?

Because in many cases, gaming can do more harm than good. “Video games have been shown to benefit certain cognitive systems in the brain, mainly related to visual attention and short-term memory,” said West, who did the study in collaboration with McGill University associate professor of psychiatry Véronique Bohbot.

How many online gamers are there in the Philippines?

The Philippine esports market is home to over 43 million active gamers, steadily increasing by 12.9% yearly since 2017.

What is the most popular online game in the Philippines?

As of May 2020, the Philippines’ most popular online game was Fortnite, with 250 million people playing the game. In comparison, around 240 thousand people were playing Playersunknown’s battlegrounds.