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How is net protector AntiVirus?

How is net protector AntiVirus?

Net Protector AntiVirus is enterprise-wide Anti-Virus software that scans the local and network drives for viruses, Internet Security and cleans them. Net Protector defends your Office Network from all virus, worm and spyware attacks and keeps your business lifeline, the Network and PCs, running smooth and secure.

Which NET Protector is best?

For All Industries, NPAV Net Protector Total Security is a better choice. If you are confused between Kaspersky Total Security or NPAV Net Protector Total Security, you can also check if the software has customizable modules for your industry. Industry-specific functionalities will ensure higher efficiency and ROI.

Is NET Protector a virus?

Net Protector is a very good antivirus and it works very fast. This antivirus scans the virus files in your computer and can remove them.

Is NPAV safe?

Net Protector AntiVirus NPAV is proven and chosen security service by a majority of people. And NPAV has done an excellent job of its reliability and being the trustworthy program. Especially useful for defending and protecting your data from malware and other threats.

Can we buy NPAV online?

Open in Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 6 may give you problem. Now click on Buy Now Button.

How can I stop NPAV shield?

Please follow these Steps :

  1. Start Net Protector AntiVirus.
  2. Click on Settings > Gadgets.
  3. Untick “Show NPAV Gadget”
  4. Restart your PC.

How can I buy NPAV antivirus online?

Online Purchase Help

  1. Open in Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Now click on Buy Now Button.
  3. Now click on product name that you want to purchase.
  4. Fill all Billing Information.
  5. .Fill all your credit card information like Credit Card Number, Credit Card Expiry Date and CVV Code.

How can I buy NPAV?

How do I stop NPAV backup?

Step 1: Open the Net Protector and click on PROTECTION. Step 2: Select the Data Backup Option. Step 3: If you don’t want to take backup in future, untick auto-backup option.