Where is Mission Australia based?

Where is Mission Australia based?

Mission Australia National Office is located in the suburb of Sydney, the council of Sydney and the federal electorate of Sydney.

Who is Mission Australia?

Mission Australia is a national Christian charity motivated by a shared vision of an Australia where everyone has a safe home and can thrive. Mission Australia believes a person’s circumstances shouldn’t define their future and that given the right support, everyone can reach their full potential.

What is Mission Australia’s role?

Mission Australia’s integrated nationwide services help people find safe and affordable housing, support disadvantaged children and families, empower troubled young people, assist people with mental illness and disability, and much more.

What religion is Mission Australia?

Mission Australia’s founders were members of a broad range of Christian churches and we continue to be a non-denominational Christian charity, driven by our founding purpose and led by our values.

Who is Mission Australia owned by?

The majority of Mission Australia’s services receive government funding, and in some cases from a combination of local, state and federal bodies. We engage in rigorous and competitive tender processes to run programs on behalf of government and benefit communities.

Who created Mission Australia?

Benjamin Short
The Sydney City Mission was founded in 1862, by Benjamin Short, a new arrival who was appalled by the poverty he witnessed in city. It provided a range of services to the disadvantaged.

Who established Mission Australia?

How does Mission Australia help the homeless?

Mission Australia works to reduce homelessness across all points in time, from prevention and early intervention, to promoting exits from homelessness, to supporting sustained and secure tenancies, through to housing provision. We aim to respond to clients’ immediate and long-term needs.

What does Mission Australia do for the homeless?

Why was Mission Australia established?

On 11 July 1862, Englishman Benjamin Short established the Sydney City Mission, desiring to address the spiritual and physical needs of the city’s inhabitants who were living in poverty.

How is Mission Australia funded?