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What is Mosh salad?

What is Mosh salad?

Mache (pronounced “mosh”) is an annual vegetable grown for baby salad greens. Common in Europe, Mache is a vegetable that has recently gained popularity in the U.S. Mache is extremely cold hardy and can be grown in cold frames, low tunnels, or hoophouses without additional protection.

What does mâche taste like?

Mâche is often described as having a nutty flavor. The leaves are very delicate and tender, like butterhead lettuce, but less sweet and more herbal.

What is mosh herb?

Mache was once considered a weed in Europe before it was cultivated and grown for consumption. Today Mache is a favorite green in France and is traditionally dressed in a simple vinaigrette with walnut or hazelnut oil and is served with roasted beets, hardboiled eggs, and other greens such as arugula or endive.

How do you eat mâche?

Mâche is most frequently featured in salads. Its mild flavor makes it a great companion with spicier greens such as arugula or served simply dressed on its own. In France, it is tossed with beets and walnuts. You can also use it in soups.

What does corn salad taste like?

Corn salad, also called mâche, lamb’s lettuce or fetticus, is a tasty salad green that forms rosettes of small, dark green, spoon-shaped leaves. These leaves are not crisp, like lettuce, but so tender as to almost melt in your mouth. Their delicate flavor is flowery, something like rose petals.

How do you eat corn salad greens?

Corn salad greens can be steamed and served like spinach or used as a bed for placing other foods on. Any preparation involving heat should be done at the last second, as mache is extremely delicate and will wilt to an extreme if cooked too long.

What does lambs lettuce taste like?

Also known as mâche, corn salad, field salad and rapunzel, as in the fairy tale. The small leaves sit in rosettes which can be placed whole in salads. The flavor is strong and nutty, a bit like cress.

How do you grow mache lettuce?

Sow seeds lightly, approximately ¼-1/2″ deep. Germination should occur between 7-14 days. Space seeds 1″apart if direct seeding, and thin to 3-6″ between growing plants, with 4″ between rows. Mache will grow in a wide variety of soil types.

What type of green is mache?

Mache greens are a cold weather salad green. They’re similar to Tatsoi, which is an Asian variety of Brassica. They are planted after the corn harvest so some people even refer to them as the corn salad green. Lamb’s lettuce and fetticus are two other name variations.

What is similar to lamb’s lettuce?

Try Cos lettuce or baby spinach.

Can you eat Cornsalad?

This plant’s dark green leaves are edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. Alternatively, you can also cook this vegetable as you would with spinach. They can be sauteed or added into soups and stews. Just like with spinach, be careful not to overcook corn salad to preserve its mild flavor.

What does corn salad greens taste like?