What is the analogy between mechanical and electrical systems?

What is the analogy between mechanical and electrical systems?

Electrical systems and mechanical systems are two physically different systems. There are two types of electrical analogies of translational mechanical systems. Those are force voltage analogy and force current analogy….Torque Current Analogy.

Rotational Mechanical System Electrical System
Angular velocity(ω) Voltage(V)

What is analogous electrical circuit?

Definition: Electrical and mechanical systems possess fixed analogy and there exist similarity between the equilibrium equations of the two. This allows forming such electrical systems whose behavioural characteristics are similar to the given mechanical system. Such systems are known as analogous systems.

What is the analogous system?

A precise definition is given for the analogy of a dynamical system to another system (or subsystem thereof). An analogy between two physical systems is a correspondence between them which preserves dynamical properties. Thus, the dynamics of any system can be read off by a study of any of its analogs.

What are the analogies for electrical parameters?


Force analogy Voltage analogy Current analogy
Mass (M) Inductor (L) Capacitor (C)
Spring Constant (K) 1/C 1/L
Damper (B) R 1/R
Displacement (x) Charge (Q) Flux (ϕ)

What do you mean by analogous electrical circuit compare and justify your answer by electric and magnetic analogy?

As the path of an electric current is known as an electric circuit, similarly the path of magnetic flux is known as magnetic circuit. As an electric e.m.f. is necessary to cause the flow of current in an electric circuit, similarly magneto-motive force is required to create the ma netic flux in the magnetic circuit.

Why is electrical resistance analogous to mechanical friction?

Electrical resistance is analogous to friction in a mechanical system. Friction, like resistance, converts energy to heat and dissipates it to the surrounding environment. When enough current is impeded (i.e. resisted) this energy can even be converted directly into light which reduces the current flow.

How does a mechanical system work?

A mechanical system is a set of physical components that convert an input motion and force into a desired output motion and force. The output is the change created in the input motion and force by the mechanism.

What is the mechanical equivalent of a capacitor?

the spring compliance
is called the spring compliance.

How is mechanical system converted to electrical system?

To apply this analogy, every loop in the electrical circuit becomes a point in the mechanical system. Resistors become friction elements, capacitors become springs and inductors become masses. Sources must also be transformed. A current source becomes an input velocity, and a voltage source becomes a force generator.

Why are electrical analogies preferred to Analyse mechanical system?

Analogies are especially useful in analysing mechanical filters. Mechanical systems can make use of this electrical theory in mechanical designs through a mechanical–electrical analogy. Mechanical–electrical analogies are useful in general where the system includes transducers between different energy domains.

What are the difference and similarities between magnetic and electric circuit?

The magnetic circuit is known as the path traced by the magnetic flux. Let’s discuss similarities and dissimilarities of Electric circuit and Magnetic circuit….Dissimilarities:

Magnetic circuit Electric circuit
Magnetic flux does not flow but it set up in the magnetic circuit. The electric current actually flows in an electric circuit.

What are the differences and similarity between magnetic circuit and electrical circuit?

In an electrical circuit, electric current flows from positive to negative polarities. In the magnetic circuit, magnetic flux flows from N-pole to S-pole. In an electrical circuit, an electromotive force (EMF) is used to produce the electric current. Sometimes, EMF is known as electrical potential.