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How do I download geojit flip platinum?

How do I download geojit flip platinum?

SELFIE Platinium Download (Geojit selfie download for pc)

  1. On the menu at the bottom the page, click on ‘System Requirements’
  2. On the next page, Click on ‘Platinum’
  3. After reading the system requirements for the software, click on ‘Click Here’

How do I sell a mutual fund on geojit selfie?

Trading can also be done over the phone by calling Customer Support Center – Toll free numbers 1800 425 5501, 1800 103 5501 (within India) or paid line 0484 3911777.

What is the username for geojit?

An email will be sent to your registered email id (as mentioned in your account opening documents) with the welcome letter, your user ID (trade code) and Password.

How do I log into my geojit demat account?

Geojit Finance Login Process – Geojit Finance Website Login Open a free trading or a demat account in Geojit Financial Services Ltd. Browse on and sign in to selfie platform by entering trade code or email Id and password. These logins are safe and secured and follow 2FA.

How do I update my KYC in geojit selfie?

We request you to comply with the requirement by logging on to our Customer Care Site and enter the details in the KYC form. Alternatively you could also visit our branch to fill up the necessary KYC forms.

Can I buy direct mutual fund through Geojit?

Geojit offers regular mutual funds where Zerodha offers direct mutual fund schemes. Both have a separate dedicated mutual fund investment platform. Geojit and Zerodha offers mutual funds to NRIs.

How can I buy intraday shares in Geojit?

You need to select the shares that you want to trade in and then select the Buy/ Sell option. You then need to select the intraday or day trade option while placing your order.

How do I find my Geojit selfie username?

A new to SELFIE user can create a free account using the free registration form available on the website. The user may click the ‘Free signup with E-mail’ link and fill in the form. Upon registering the user will receive an email confirmation message.

What is the brokerage in Geojit?

Geojit Online Trading

Segment Brokerage Fee
Equity Delivery 0.30%
Equity Intraday 0.03%
Equity Futures 0.03%
Equity Options Rs 125 per contract

How can I transfer my demat account to Geojit?


  1. Fund transfer facility available at no extra cost.
  2. Transfer can be made from Customer Care >> Fund Transactions >> Fund Transfer (Online Gateway).
  3. The account is debited and if the fund is not updated to buying power then you may contact [email protected] with the screen shot of the transfer made.

Is Geojit demat account good?

Geojit financial services is a good company with superior customer service. The branch manager take care of every demat and trading account and help people timely. Brokarage and annual maintenance charges are low compare with government bank financial service.