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How can I join Osho Ashram in India?

How can I join Osho Ashram in India?

Before entering the Ashram one has to fill out an application form, submit two passport-sized photographs, pass an on-the-spot HIV test and purchase special tunics. The ashram can be reached by an auto-rickshaw and it is recommended to book your visits in advance.

Is ashram based on Osho?

Rajneesh’s ashram, now known as OSHO International Meditation Resort, and all associated intellectual property, is managed by the registered Osho International Foundation (formerly Rajneesh International Foundation)….

Movement Neo-sannyasins
Memorial(s) Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune

Where is Osho in India?

Situated about 120 kms south-east of Mumbai, India and set on a beautiful campus in the city of Pune, the Meditation Resort is one of the world’s largest centers for personal growth and meditation.

What is Osho white robe meditation?

Osho White Robe Gatherings are a combination of dance, celebration and silence. It is a unique opportunity to immerse in the teachings of Osho through his discourse. Osho had a saying about White Robe gatherings -“That which cannot be said has to be experienced.

How can I permanently get Osho Ashram?

OSHO International Meditation Resort Registration To enter the OSHO International Meditation Resort you need to register at the Welcome Center (on the right of the Main Gate). Come between 9am and 3.30pm (closed for lunch 12.30pm – 2pm).

Why did Vinod leave Osho?

That came much later.” The Section 375 actor later understood, “It’s a life-changing decision, which he (Vinod Khanna) felt that he needed to take at the time. Something must have moved him so deeply inside, that he felt that that kind of decision was worth it for him. Especially, when you have everything in life.

How many Osho Ashram are there in India?

15 Ashrams in India | Yoga & Meditation Ashrams (2022 )

Can I stay in Osho Ashram?

The simplest way to visit the Osho Meditation Resort is to stay at the Osho Guesthouse. A door to door facility from Mumbai or Pune airport is available at your convenience. You can also apply for any of the Living In programs offered at the Meditation Resort. Click here for details.

Can anyone visit Osho ashram in Pune?

The truth is Osho has become synonymous with Pune. People from all over the world fly down to be a part of the ashrams and tourists line up as well. To be part of the program you need a valid passport, photos, documents and also submit yourself to an ‘on the spot HIV test’.