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Are Load Trail and PJ the same?

Are Load Trail and PJ the same?

PJ has better designs, Load Trail has better welds. I have never been impressed with any welds on our PJs, and we have 5 of them kicking around the place. Judging by the factory locations, I am thinking Load trail must pay a buck or two more per hour for good welders. 🙂

Where are Load Trail trailers made?

the USA
Load Trail has over 21 years of experience in trailer manufacturing and every trailer is built in our state-of-the art facility right here in the USA. Load Trail understands the importance of quick deliveries and we have implemented many advanced technologies providing short response times and increased visibility.

Are PJ trailers worth the money?

PJ trailers are by far the best trailers I have ever owned. Great trailers! I’ve had my LY for a little over 2 years now and it can handle everything I’ve thrown at it. I haul heavy equipment with it and I’ve never had a problem.

Are Iron Bull trailers good?

The iron bull dump trailer is the best bang for the buck. Heavy duty frame, fast and easy operation, has charger, battery, ramps, tarp, 3way doors all stock. The only add on I had was a spare tire and rim. All for an excellent price.

Where are Ktrail trailers made?

Quebec, Canada
K-Trail, a trailer manufacturer in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada, recently used a government grant to acquire a robotic welding cell it says will increase production capacity.

Are PJ Trailers powder coated?

We offer Black Powder Coat by Sherwin-Williams as our standard color on all PJ models at all PJ plants. Black is by far our most popular color choice and makes up over 90% of our production.

Where are iron bull trailers built?

The award was presented March 19 at the Iron Bull factory in Brookston TX. “Our 435,000-square-foot facility is now online,” said Trent Fendley, business development director for parent company Norstar. “This brings us to well over 10 acres under one roof.