How do I protect my air conditioner from a power surge?

How do I protect my air conditioner from a power surge?

The surest way to protect your equipment during an electrical storm is simply to disconnect it from the power source. Install surge protectors on valuable equipment. A surge protector is a device that is installed between your equipment and its power source.

Do air conditioners need surge protectors?

Air conditioners contain numerous electrical components, including; compressor pump, thermostat, control system, fans and blowers among others. Each of these components can be damaged during a power surge, hence the need to install surge protectors.

What is an AC surge protector?

A surge protector prevents electrical spikes (from lightning strikes, electrical shortages, or power outages) from damaging valuable electronics and appliances in your home.

How much does an air conditioner surge protector cost?

The cost of an AC surge protector can vary widely, but protectors meant for AC units usually range from $75 to $100. However, installation can bring additional costs. If you decide to install it yourself, you’ll only have to spend money on the device.

Can a power surge damage an air conditioner?

A power surge on your modern AC could be devastating and result in a breakdown of the system. Many times, a spike in electricity could cause hidden problems inside your air conditioner. These are problems that you may not notice for months, such as premature wear and tear on vital internal components.

Can a power surge damage your air conditioner?

Is it safe to plug an air conditioner into an extension cord?

Air-conditioner cords are purposefully thick and short because A/Cs use so much electricity—if you hook up your unit to a typical extension cord you pick up at a hardware or drug store, the plug, socket, or entire length of the cord can overheat, causing fires that can occasionally be fatal.

Can you plug portable AC into surge protector?

A portable air conditioner should be plugged directly into an outlet and not into a surge protector or extension cord. There are multiple protection options to prevent damage to the unit from power surges.

Does a whole house surge protector protect AC?

Whole House Surge Protectors Shield HVAC Equipment In fact, not only does it shield your HVAC equipment from external power surges, but it also protects other devices from the surges your air conditioner and furnace produce each time they power on.

Can a power surge damage an AC unit?