Who was the best player for the Montreal Expos?

Who was the best player for the Montreal Expos?

Rogers’ 158 wins and 49.8 fWAR are both franchise records.

  • Andre Dawson is one of the best players in Expos history. Photo credit (Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
  • Tim Raines is one of the best players in Expos history.
  • Max Scherzer is one of the best pitchers in modern history.
  • Gary Carter is a Hall of Famer.

How many Hall of Famers played for the Expos?

11 Hall of Famers
The Nationals’ current roster has some future Hall of Fame talent, but the Washington era hasn’t yet had a player enshrined in Cooperstown. There are 11 Hall of Famers who suited up for the Expos when the franchise was in Montreal.

Who used to be the Montreal Expos?

Washington Nationals
The Expos were the first Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise located outside the United States. They played in the National League (NL) East division from 1969 until 2004. Following the 2004 season, the franchise relocated to Washington, D.C., and became the Washington Nationals.

Who wore 63 for the Montreal Expos?

Tim Raines
(born September 16, 1959), nicknamed “Rock”, is an American professional baseball coach and former player. He played as a left fielder in Major League Baseball for six teams from 1979 to 2002 and was best known for his 13 seasons with the Montreal Expos….

Tim Raines
Vote 86.0% (10th ballot)

How many former Montreal Expos are in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

There are only three players in the Hall of Fame wearing Expos caps — Tim Raines, Andre Dawson and Gary Carter — and Walker was a final chance to make it four.

Who is the best player on the Washington Nationals?

The 10 best players in Washington Nationals history

  • 04 8. TYLER CLIPPARD. 4 / 11.
  • 05 7. ALFONSO SORIANO. 5 / 11.
  • 06 6. BRYCE HARPER. 6 / 11.
  • 07 5. STEPHEN STRASBURG. 7 / 11.
  • 08 4. JAYSON WERTH. 8 / 11.
  • 09 3. IAN DESMOND. 9 / 11.
  • 10 2. JORDAN ZIMMERMANN. 10 / 11.
  • 11 1. RYAN ZIMMERMAN. 11 / 11.

What does the word Expos mean?

(ɛkspoʊ ) also Expo. Word forms: expos. countable noun. An expo is a large event where goods, especially industrial goods, are displayed.

Who wore number 27 for Expos?

He is one of only four people ever to be named captain of the Mets, and he had his number retired by the Expos….

Gary Carter
September 27, 1992, for the Montreal Expos
MLB statistics
Batting average .262
Home runs 324

Who is Washington’s best pitcher?

Career Top 10 Leaders

1. Stephen Strasburg 1718
2. Steve Rogers 1621
3. Max Scherzer 1610
4. Gio Gonzalez 1215
5. Javier Vazquez 1076