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How do cosmic rays occur?

How do cosmic rays occur?

Cosmic radiation is produced when primary photons and α particles from outside the solar system interact with components of the earth’s atmosphere. A second source of cosmic radiation is the release of charged particles from the sun, which become significant during periods of solar flare (‘sun storm’).

What term is commonly used for a cascade of particles created by the interaction of a primary cosmic ray with the Earth’s atmosphere?

Secondary cosmic rays The interaction produces a cascade of lighter particles, a so-called air shower secondary radiation that rains down, including x-rays, protons, alpha particles, pions, muons, electrons, neutrinos, and neutrons.

What can stop cosmic rays?

The Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic shield protect us from cosmic radiation. Earth’s magnetic shield protects us from the cosmic radiation and is strongest at the equator and weakest near the poles. The magnetic shield diverts most of the radiation around the earth.

Do space suits protect against radiation?

Space suits provide protection from the UV rays, but they provide limited protection from particle radiation and gamma and x ray. If particles have enough energy they simply pass through the space suit. So EVAs are planned during low solar activity or they try to make the EVA short.

Can cosmic rays give you superpowers?

To acquire superpowers, you would need a place steeped in high-energy radiation. Such a source lurks 600 to 12,000 miles outside Earth in the Van Allen radiation belt, where the planet’s magnetic field traps radioactive particles, like gamma rays created by solar wind or cosmic rays from other galaxies.

Are cosmic rays and gamma rays the same?

Cosmic rays are charged particles or atomic nuclei moving at relativistic speeds. Gamma rays formed in this manner are about an order of magnitude less energetic than their cosmic-ray parents, which means that those cosmic rays reached energies far in excess of one peta-electronvolt (1015 eV).

Which term is commonly used for the break in the cosmic ray energy spectrum around an energy of 1019 eV?

There is an additional, somewhat less distinct feature at an energy of about 1019 eV, termed the ankle. Characteristics of this high-energy feature will be discussed later. 9.2 Propagation and origin The most commonly used toy model for galactic cosmic rays is called the ”leaky box” model.

How can humans survive in space?

The vacuum of space will pull the air from your body. Without air in your lungs, blood will stop sending oxygen to your brain. You’ll pass out after about 15 seconds. 90 seconds after exposure, you’ll die from asphyxiation.

How do astronauts stay safe in space?

Space suits and the Space Station have special shielding that helps to protect astronauts from harmful radiation. Astronauts have to exercise almost 2 hours a day on special exercise equipment to make their muscles work and stay healthy for their return to Earth.