Where is Wave Rock found in Australia?

Where is Wave Rock found in Australia?

Wave Rock, near the Wheatbelt town of Hyden, is one of Australia’s most recognisable landforms. Rising 15 metres from the ground and more than 100 metres long, Wave Rock looks like a giant surf wave of multicoloured granite about to crash onto the bush below.

What is special about Wave Rock?

Wave Rock stands 15m high, 100m long and looks like a tall wave just about to break. Its formation has fascinated geologists and the public for years and is one of many interestingly shaped rocky outcrops in the area. The colours of the rock are amazing and are caused by minerals being washed down the rock.

How was the Hyden rock formed?

Hyden Rock is an inselberg, or an isolated hill that rises above a flat plain. It has three granite domes, which were shaped by underground weathering about 100 to 130 million years ago. The concave curve of the rock face was thus probably shaped by underground chemical weathering.

What is there to see between Wave Rock and Perth?

Head east from Perth, following Pathways to Wave Rock trail, through picturesque farmland to Corrigin – famous for its Dog-in-a-Ute event and Dog Cemetery. Enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants before taking the short drive to explore the iconic Wave Rock.

Who are the traditional owners of Wave Rock?

This 110-metre long multi-coloured granite cliff is of cultural significance to the Indigenous Ballardong people, who believe that the rock was formed by the Rainbow Serpent as she dragged her body over the dry land having drunk all of the water.

What caused Wave Rock in Australia?

Wave Rock – Western Australia This curved cliff face is 15 metres high and 110 metres long which has been rounded by weathering and water erosion, undercutting its base and leaving a rounded overhang. It was formed by water dissolving and re-depositing chemicals in the granite as it runs down the cliff face.

What is the spiritual value of Wave Rock?

Wave Rock has cultural significance to Ballardong people. Local tribes believed that wave rock was a creation of the Rainbow Serpent, and was created in her wake by dragging her swollen body over the land after she had consumed all of the water in the land.