What is the meaning behind the Rolling Stones tongue?

What is the meaning behind the Rolling Stones tongue?

What does the tongue symbol mean? As mentioned above, the Rolling Stones tongue is a homage to the goddess Kali from Hindu religion. The goddess of energy and empowerment is also a symbol of femininity. Many people also see Mick Jagger’s iconic mouth in this image, making it easy to associate with the Rolling Stones.

How did the Rolling Stones get their logo?

Early in 1970, the Royal College of Art in London was contacted by the Rolling Stones’ head office. The band was looking for an artist to create a poster for its 1970 European tour. The commissioning letter in 1970 to John Pasche for the Rolling Stones logo.

Who came up with the Rolling Stones tongue?

For the logo, Jagger had suggested the tongue of the Hindu goddess Kali. Pasche said at the time “The design concept for the tongue was to represent the band’s anti-authoritarian attitude, Mick’s mouth and the obvious sexual connotations.

What logo has lips with tongue out?

The Rolling Stones logo, which has been referred to as “Tongue and Lips” or just “Hot Lips,” first appeared on 1971’s Sticky Fingers LP. It became an icon immediately, so the Rolling Stones have never changed it.

Is the Rolling Stones logo trademarked?

It is, yes. It is also protected by Trademark laws, preventing use in commerce in any of the categories it is registered under. Of likely relevance, it is trademarked for clothing and posters, so you cannot put it on a t-shirt or poster without a license from the Rolling Stones.

Is the Rolling Stones tongue copyrighted?

The band has various trademarks in the United States. The band’s oldest trademark registration is for their iconic tongue logo. It was filed in 1976 to protect the logo on records.

When did the Rolling Stones adopt the tongue logo?

From 1971 on, every single official statement, music release, or poster to come from the Rolling Stones has featured some form of the famous tongue and lips logo.

Is the Rolling Stones mouth copyrighted?

Is the Rolling Stones mouth trademarked?

Musidor BV is one of the Rollings Stone’s companies which owns trademark rights in their famous Lips and Tongue logo . Not only that but the court declared the Plaintiff’s ROLLING STONES, THE STONES and the Lips and Tongue logo trademarks are well known.

Can I use Rolling Stones logo?