What are the applications of augmented reality?

What are the applications of augmented reality?

There are many applications in the manufacturing sector waiting to be explored by augmented reality. These include predictive maintenance, streamlined logistics, more efficient product design and development, optimized assembly schedule and processes, and expert support with data management.

What are the applications and some examples of augmented reality?

Examples of Augmented Reality

  • Snapchat.
  • Photography and Editing.
  • Hololens.
  • Google ARCore.
  • Pokemon Go.
  • Interior Decoration Apps.
  • AR Maintenance.
  • Google Glass.

What are uses application of augmented or virtual reality you know?

Memorable and enhanced user experience. Applications of augmented reality make the customer experience more efficient and comfortable. AR technology enables people to virtually model and try on items such as: clothing, houses, jewelry, makeup, cars, and furniture.

How many augmented reality apps are there?

How many augmented reality apps are there? As of right now, augmented reality software is enabled on over 500 million devices. While the iOS app store has the best selection of AR apps, there are only around 200 Google augmented reality apps available on Google Play.

What is the best augmented reality app?

Best Augmented Reality Apps

  • Houzz (Android, iOS) Houzz is an augmented reality-based app for people who want to see furniture and other household goods.
  • IKEA Place (Android, iOS)
  • YouCam Makeup (Android, iOS)
  • BBC Civilizations AR (Android, iOS)
  • SketchAR (Android, iOS)

How does augmented reality work?

Augmented Reality (AR) adds digital elements to the camera of your smartphone, creating the illusion that holographic content is a part of a physical world around you. In turn, AR changes reality by adding three-dimensional objects, sounds, videos, graphics.

How is augmented reality implemented?


  1. Go to and select “Get Started Now” to set up an account.
  2. Select “Create AR” and then “Tap to Start.”
  3. Select the type of AR experience you want to add on top of your trigger image.
  4. Upload or add the link to the content on the trigger image and upload the trigger image (JPEG only).

What are the 4 types of AR?

In turn, within markerless AR there are 4 types: location-based AR, projection-based AR, overlay AR and contour AR. Each typology has an application and is based on a different technological principle as we have seen.

What is augmented reality platform?

Augmented reality (AR) development platforms provide tools to create AR products that superimpose computer-generated images into the real world. VR/AR headsets offer an immersive AR experience, allowing users to interact with and manipulate 3D models that are projected into a real environment.