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Should I sell Panacea Biotec share?

Should I sell Panacea Biotec share?

A SELL signal was generated in Panacea Biotec….

Upside intraday target 218.03
Upside intraday target 217.1
Upside short term target 214.18
Upside mid term target 227.73
Upside long term target 285.98

What happened Panacea Biotec?

Panacea Biotec Pharma, a 100% subsidiary of Sputnik V Covid jab manufacturer Panacea Biotec, defaulted on payment of ₹114.67 crore including an interest component due on September 30.

Who are the promoters of Panacea Biotec?

presents the Promoter’s holding, FII’s holding, DII’s Holding, and Share holding by general public etc….PREMARKET.

Shareholding Pattern – Panacea Biotec Ltd.
NoOfShares 61250746 100%
Promoters 45074866 73.59%
ForeignInstitutions 10 0%
NBanksMutualFunds 0 0%

Is Panacea Biotec is a MNC company?

Panacea Biotec is a global generic and specialty pharmaceutical and vaccine maker registered in India with principal offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Lalru (near Chandigarh, India). Panacea Drugs Pvt. Ltd….Panacea Biotec.

Type Public
Products Pharmaceuticals, generic drugs, vaccine
Website www.panaceabiotec.com

Who is the founder of Panacea Biotec?

Panacea Biotec

Type Public
Founded 1984
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Key people Soshil Kumar (Executive Chairman of the Board), Dr. Rajesh Jain (Managing Director), Sandeep Jain (Joint Managing Director)
Products Pharmaceuticals, generic drugs, vaccine

Who is owner of Serum Institute of India?

Poonawalla Investments & Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Serum Institute of India/Parent organizations