What is a Worcs race?

What is a Worcs race?

In just three short years, WORCS had established itself as the biggest national off-road motorcycle racing series in the United States, and soon to be the biggest national off-road ATV/QUAD and SXS/UTV racing series in the United States.

What is ATV racing called?

There are several major types of racing including motocross, cross-country, and flat track or TT racing just to name a few. ATV Motocross Racing Information. Motocross (MX) racing is held on enclosed off-road circuits. Motocross is derived from the French, and traces its origins to British Scrambling competitions.

How do you start quad racing?

Prepare to Race

  1. Find a Race Track. The first thing you need to do is find a race track so you can keep an eye out for upcoming competitions.
  2. Learn the Rules.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect.
  4. Get an AMA Membership.
  5. Gear for Yourself.
  6. Gear for Your ATV.
  7. Determine Your Class.
  8. Register for a Race.

What does Gncc stand for?

Grand National Cross Country

Jurisdiction United States
Abbreviation GNCC
Founded 1975
Headquarters Morgantown, West Virginia
Official website

Is Quading a sport?

ATV riding, by itself, is not inherently a sport (ex. driving/hauling objects around the farm). These versions of ATV (sport) riding can include races (motocross), timed events, and competition riding. Like many sports, there is a lot more to ATV riding than just racing or timing on a track.

How much does it cost to get into quad racing?

Racing fees, even for a major series like WORCS, range from $20-$35 per class. Some series will charge an association or membership fee, but if you’re only racing one race they usually have a daily pass you can purchase for around $10.

Where is Barry Hawk from?

GNCC Overall ATV Champions

Year Rider Hometown
2002 Bill Ballance Oakland, KY
2001 Bill Ballance Oakland, KY
2000 Bill Ballance Oakland, KY
1999 Barry Hawk Smithfield, PA

Do they still make racing quads?

There are still plenty of aftermarket parts manufacturers out there to make it race ready since it remains a favorite mount at racetracks everywhere. Baja, Vegas to Reno, motocross, and GNCC, this sport quad has conquered them all.